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This New Time Is Here (Happy New Years) By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)


This new time is near

And I will make my stand right here

To Infinity and beyond this year

I rarely make these resolutions

Because honestly everyday of my life

I am trying to cause a revolution

I will speak to anyone who will hear

I will explain to them how their blessings are already here

Its new years day for me every day

And for quite some time now its been this way

I will see twelve o’clock tonight

And like many nights

I will find myself in the arms of my wife

I will find myself staring at my kids

Thinking in amazement of what she and I did

Its funny because this time last year

I was praying for blessings

That were already here

What wonders a year can do

With every moment there is a lesson being shown to you

Its your job to pay attention to what is in front of your face

And you would feel like its new years every day

Time is sublime and with that knowledge I try daily to celebrate mine

Sometimes even today I get a little too stressed

I get lost in my head 

For a moment I forget

And I start to worry about what could happen instead

Of what is happening in front of my face

And by the way worry is no thing for a person of faith

Adjust your view

And you will see just how you are supposed to

God is constantly blessing you

Its all ends up here

As he continues to bless you with time

And another

New Year.

This New Time Is Here (Happy New Years) By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)







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Something I wrote in the beginning of the blog rewritten again this was actually the most viewed the other article was number two. I hope you enjoy, this message that has been taught so many times to me. This is truth of how to succeed.


Motivation, Perspective and Inspiration By:Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)

 Learn How To Follow So That You Know How To Lead

Follow the right path to your destiny and you will succeed

This was one of the lessons my mother taught me

I was always the one who always jumped out in front

And I was unafraid to attempt any job or any stunt

This was not the most brilliant thing


I crashed into lots of walls

So I am thankful that love is a resilient thing

I found myself lying face down in the dirt many times

Just before I would remember the lesson of how to rise

I had to humble myself and get out of my own way

I had to shut me up so that I could hear what the leader had to say

I remember the times when I talked too much

About this and that and such and such

I ignored the directions…

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Which Side Of The Mirror Are You On?

I started this blog and this was one of the first things I wrote but over this time. I have started to write almost in a trance there is no though involved these words just pour out from my soul. The other blogs, the comments from all of you, it has been fuel to an inferno. Writing again so freely has been like a workout for my soul. I feel good when I get up from this computer and so I rewrote this for everyone out there this was the most viewed post this year and I didn’t like it before so here it is rewritten for the last day of what was a wonderful year spiritually the roller coaster was wonderful and I survived and I am a better man for it all. Thank you for riding with me this year everyone lets take this thing to the buzzer. God bless all, much love, very sincerely, Carl.

Motivation, Perspective and Inspiration By:Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)


Which Side Of The Mirror Are You On?

By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)

Every day this man strives

To be better today

Than I was yesterday

I wanna look in the mirror and see

Someone I am proud of

Staring back at me

The only ceiling that was ever above my head

Was the one I imagined

And now I dream of the stars instead

If a ceiling is in place, I shatter it instantly

 I got a hard head and a whole lotta faith

And I know lying down is not my place

I like the view from the top

Because I know that is where I belong

I should find a mountain top to sing my song

Good has no reason to hide

Good people you should be basking in the light

It is bad that should feel the need to stay out of…

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A Quote By: Carl The Muse (I See Through You)


Down To The Depths Of The Deepest Corners Of My Soul

Your Light Penetrates And The Whole World In Front Of Me Unfolds

#Quotes #CarlTheMuse


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A Quote By: Carl The Muse (You Reach Me In The Deep)


You travel through space and reach all the way down to me

And touch me as I speak to you from my knees

#Quotes #CarlTheMuse



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A Quote By: Carl The Muse (All Life)


All Things Have The Same Goal In Life

Spread The Love Of The Species And Follow The Light

#Quotes #CarlTheMuse


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A Quote By: Carl The Muse (Even In The Deep)


Deep Down In The Valley And Clear Across The Sky

The Light Penetrates All

There Is Nowhere You Can Hide



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Motivation, Perspective and Inspiration By:Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)

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