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It Rains And Life Changes By: Carl The Muse

Times were hard and then it rained

That was when everything changed

The winds turned the whole world inside out

And you took it on the chin and tried not to pout

Tossed and turned beaten and worn

Given the cold shoulder and still being full of warmth

The storms will come and the storms will go

But you will be the atmosphere the storm will no longer control your flow

A conduit of love and energy, the storm can only come and set you free

The skies go grey and fill them with fear but you have been there before and you are still here

Storms never do last they always pass but some are ill prepared or caught of guard and left to try to figure it out in the aftermath

There is a blessing in the storms that come so get ready to get through it because there will be no where to run

But know that when you get through it there is the sun and on the best days maybe even a rainbow comes

It Rains And Life Changes By: Carl The Muse



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Please Don’t Underestimate The Value Of Words By: Carl The Muse

The art of conversation has been lost 

A true connection of souls is the cost 

It is this way but it ought not 

Conversation is a seed that can blossom into love, That is what I was taught 

Its often been a battle that I fought

I always wanted to hear what was inside of you 

I would not accept a lie, I craved the truth 

I wanted those in my life to put it all on the line 

I wanted them to do what I had done all the time 

I shared what was on my mind 

I craved to hear the same kinds of words 

The ones that I said first and later made verbs

I was obsessed, A bit of a nerd 

Its a fact and I am proud that I told my souls truths out loud 

I said whats inside of me, I let the truth come free 

It was not a battle that had to rage 

Ask me the question and I will have something to say 

I am not afraid, Conversation makes me brave 

Its in a conversation that I can create a wave 

I want to hear you say it to me 

I want you to say it one hundred times and then one hundred times makes me believe 

Its not something that I want. Real conversation is something I need 

Conversation allows me to float and catch the winds

I never know where I will go but I do know how to control the flow

I end up in spaces that I could only dream 

I end up seeing things I never could believe 

Its as easy as me being able to speak the words 

But in order for someone to speak they must feel they are heard

Please Don’t Underestimate The Value Of Words By: Carl The Muse


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Love Is Everything By: Carl The Muse

Lost in love

It’s all I can think of

I…….Carl Johnson can never get enough

It’s a fine line and I walk it all the time

Without it, I would surely lose my mind

It’s like my air or maybe my conscious

Love, keeps me right there

Even with my eyes closed

I am still fully aware

Love is my honey

I am pooh bear

It’s a thing I can’t fake

It turns good to great

It’s puts out any fire

It can eliminate hate

I am so grateful that God sent it my way

I had it very early in life

I had a mother who taught me how to love my wife

I was shown the way to be the man I am today

The family I have is simple math

I learned to love like I was loved

And I got it back

I learned I had a role to play and I acted like that

Love is a gift that keeps coming to you once you give it

Love will dominate your life if that’s how you love it

Love will come your way as soon as you throw that boomerang

Love Is Everything By: Carl The Muse


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A People That Lost The Way By: Carl The Muse

Soul train takes me back in time

It takes me to a place far away from my mind

It makes me remember the days when I was a kid and all I had to do was play

I remember the time because my people were proud we knew how to protest without being loud

Men were men and ladies looked like such, we had dignity even though we didn’t have much

It was a time when people knew how to act and there was pride that came with being black

People were dancing to have a good time and many were broke they didn’t have a dime

Money did not rule the verses of our songs it was about loving you right and now wanting to be wrong

I remember those days because I am stuck in place praying like hell that we can find our way because what I see now is a lost people today

I have hope I see yes where there is nope I have faith and I have something to say hopefully God blesses me with the ability to touch many young souls when I take the stage

It’s time for the black race to wake up and regain our pace we worked to hard to come in last place

A People That Lost The Way By: Carl The Muse


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When A Man Wins, He Lives By: Carl The Muse

The best thing that I have ever done and the best thing I will ever do is the family that I have made that you see before you. I understand that as a man I am to help set the course to set the master plan. 

I learned over time, I was lucky I had a momma like mine. I got perspective, I got depth, I got directions, I had help. I had a parent help guide me here and I have been married for ten years, through the hardest times, my marriage has been able to come out just fine.

Better than ever better than before, I let the light shine in me from the center of my core. I try every night, I try and try to keep winning my wife, I work my tail off for the smiles of my kids, I want them to say they had a happy childhood because they did. 

I want to light up my wife, I want her to look back at our marriage and say It was a beautiful life, I want to hear how she can’t stand to leave my side, I am a man and the love of this woman and kids is the source of my pride, love for those I love that is what dominates me inside. 

I am blessed that I was taught, The lessons I learned I never forgot, I saw a woman play the role of a man not because she was one but because it was a role that she could intimately understand. She taught her son to be one and raise and lead a family that is what I have done and every time I see these smiles and hear laughter in my home I have won.

This man won again tonight because my house went to bed with smiles that are impossible to hide. I am proud to say that I am a better man now than I was yesterday and I am glad that I have given my wife the words to say that I got better over the years, that I have held her heart close and given her and my kids no reason to fear.

When I enter the house they say the champ is here, I laugh and they say tell me they say it because its real and I hope I make them half as happy as they make me feel. 


When A Man Wins By: Carl The Muse


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A Thought on Truth By: Carl The Muse

I often speak too much or I say to little, I can say everything and nothing at the same time, I can be a riddle but one thing I always do is tell my truths, I say what I am thinking but that is not something many people do. 

I have no problem speaking because I like to tell my truths, its easy to keep saying what I am thinking for me, however with others you can tell the response was calculated, premeditated not something they have dreamed about, they were just talking on the fly trying to figure you out. They say what you wanted to hear, rather than the truth that you wanted them to share.

You can see people doing it all the time, thinking of an answer to an obvious question. The truth is, they cannot tell the truth, you can see them thinking but you can hear nothing being said to you.They do not know what to say because telling the truth would be brave and when you have told selective truths all of your life its hard to change your ways. 

Telling the truth is an art that is taught to you and when you have honesty surrounding you, You tend to be that way too. Its one of those lessons that should be learned at home why it is not, the truth is unknown. 

My thought? The lies are a cycle when you are scared and do not know being free, once a lie has affected your life it can spread like a disease. Protect yourself from all the lies and anyone who makes you feel as if you have to hide, life may seem like a long line but its actually a very short ride. 

Explain the importance of the truth by the things you say and the things you do and you can expect that the same should be given to you.

You get what you give and you will die how you lived. 

Keep your mind and your heart in the right place and you will always have something to say, its called telling your truth and it should never be hard to do not with the ones who love and who you have given it too. 

A Thought on Truth

By: Carl The Muse



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Better Because Of Love By: Carl The Muse


I am better because 

I am better than I ever was 

I am better now then I was then

I am better because of love 

From my mother

My brother

My friends

I am better because of my wife 

I am better because I understand the meaning of life

I have lived through death 

I have lived through two births 

I am who I am because of her

And her and her 

Its because I have loved and lost 

I have learned 

I still have the scars 

But it no longer burns 

My heart has gotten more than I have asked for 

More than I ever could have yearned 

I am blessed its a fact I try my best to never forget 

I act like I appreciate it because I know I can lose it 

I am thankful for today and all those other times 

That I was saved 

I am only in place 

Because God blessed me and sent love my way

Because of love 

I am the man that sits here today

Better Because Of Love By: Carl The Muse


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