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Don’t Ignore What You Know For Sure By: Carl The Muse

Standing in the middle of nowhere

But still

This one direction is where

I stare

No matter what’s happening


Am drawn

Over there

It’s like all of my senses

The core of my soul is aware

Fear is nothing to fear

The moment

The space

The time is here

I can feel it

I feel it deep

Within the cambers of me

I am fully aware of what lies beneath

Fully aware of what’s ahead of me

I can see

Very clearly

Though my eyes

See not a thing

But I know

Exactly where I am going

I feel a fire inside

For it frozen

I am not

I am ready to run

Ready to give more

Than I know I’ve got

Ready like a rocket

For the moment

To take off

To fly

To do what I

Was meant to do with this life

All it takes for a baby bird to fly

Is to be willing to try

To aim for flight

To embrace the gift

Of being who and what

It is

Following the compass within

To the ultimate destination

To what it knows awaits them

Follow that feeling

Be brave

Go out on a limb

Destiny is anticipating

Why are you still standing there

When you know

The stars and the skies await you

Don’t Ignore What You Know For Sure By: Carl The Muse


Sometimes I Wish By: Carl The Muse


Things have been well

I just miss your smell

I miss the way being near you felt

I have been fine most of the time

But I have moments

When I lose my mind

I get lost an abyss

I lose my sense of space and time

It’s dark to me

Even when the sun is shining

It never lasts long

But the moments randomly come

No matter how many years pass

I will miss you the same mom

I don’t need a thing

I just get lost wishing

Things were different

I’m ok

I’m just missing

My friend

For so long

Beneath my wings

You were the wind

And even though you are gone

I’m still somehow flying

I’m thankful for the time I did have

I wouldn’t give a moment back

You loved me and I love you

That is a stated fact

It’s our history

It’s no mystery

I know love

Because love is what you gave me

Thank you again

That’s all I wanted to say

That I miss your soft touch

Your soothing voice

Your words of wisdom

Your beautiful face

This is just another one of those times

When I miss looking in your eyes

Watching your reactions

Working to see you smile

The same as you did for me as a child

I know you are here

I feel your spirit

But I can’t lie

My human senses miss you in a way

My soul cannot deny

So I let them fall

I don’t dry mine

I let them fall to the earth

Because like the rain drops

You gave me life

They remind me of us

Of how much I love

How much I wish

And how much I miss

But ultimately I know

The time given

Was a blessing

Every moment a gift

But sometimes I wish


Your baby





Digging In Over And Over Again By: Carl The Muse

I wake up to fall back asleep

I eat, I drink, I breathe

I laugh, I play, I cry

I go down to get up

I get higher

I start them

And put them out

It sounds like desires

It’s them to

If I am telling the truth

The cycle repeats

Insanity is me

I do it over and over again

Stuck in pretend

Or I am awake while I’m dreaming

But everyday I experience something

That I cannot believe is happening

I hear this word directed at me


Suddenly I feel everything

At that moment love becomes reality

I still can’t believe

But my eyes see it

My ears hear it

It’s undeniable

Love comes to us

In the form of a child

And by tending to them

We are tending to our fires

The very souls that have come from inside of us

I never could have become this man

Without loving them

Without the experience

The sacrifice of being a parent

For life is something you can’t own

It’s something you are renting

Get your use

And then pass on

What was once lent to you

It’s how we continue on

It’s how we ascend

By cultivating and loving

You get out

What you put in

It seems to be why I

Am rewarded over and over again

Even when I feel like a loser

I win

Even when I’m all alone

I have friends

I have a bond

That will last as long

As life on earth goes on

The roots have been planted deeply

And they will grow strong

Perhaps beyond the stars

I can’t even imagine how far

I just know it will be long

And so I am asking God

Give me more

While my time goes on

More daughters

More sons

I await with open arms

The ground is fertile here

Daddy is ready to farm

What better way for a man to spend his life

What better way to spend time

Than to raise a garden

Of his very own

All living and growing

Towards the sun

It’s my mission

And I’m diggin it

Turning the ground over

Paving the way

Digging on deeper more everyday

Making sure the legacy of my love

Goes far beyond the present day

Digging In Over And Over Again By: Carl The Muse


Drown Me With Thee By: Carl The Muse

My eyes see what’s before me

My ears hear it coming

I am running

Does it know

I am gunning

I wonder if it is anticipating

I wonder if it’s arms are awaiting

I hope it’s as ready as me

The moments will be all worth saving

I talk it

I dream it

I need it

I was raised by it

It defines my faith

I believe in it

I see it

For what it is

A gift

A thing

Not to be played with

It’s serious business to me

It’s the feat

It’s the mission

It’s my journey

It’s my highest aspiration

It’s my motivation

It flows through

Cut me

I bleed it

I can’t live without

It’s the air I breathe

I admit

I am an addict


I wake up

I have a craving for it

I get a little

And I want a whole lot more of it

Leave it here

Please don’t change the station

I can feel it inside

My heart is racing

This is the song

Let it keep playing

This is the melody

These are the words

On which I have been waiting

Night and day


I see one way

Keep it on

Keep the volume strong


I wanna drown in it

Please don’t save me

I belong beneath these sound waves



Underneath it all

In perfect view of the sun

Safe and sound

From all hurt and all harm

Swarmed and deep

Beneath the surface

That’s where

I want to be

I want it engulfing me

I want it

To take me

It’s wakes won’t shake me

I am ready to move with

I mean every statement

To me it is the epitome of greatness

The proof that angels exist

It’s what we are made of

And so it’s my testament

My ode to it

As I try to become nothing but it

But this does it no justice

It would take all of my time here

All of my years

To truly express

What it makes me feel

It is the only thing

I am sure is real

It’s the only thing worth my tears

The only thing I truly fear

To the truth

I say cheers

Without it

I’d have no reason to live

Consume me and all my time please

Occupy all of my years with

I welcome it all

Fall down upon me

And I will catch you in my arms

I was born at the ready

And time has made my legs strong

I am a tower for it

Strong and steady

Pointed straight at it


Come on

Bring it on

I have been waiting

Since the crack of dawn

Waiting for the answer

To every question

The ultimate lesson

Teach me

I am on the line

The number is written on my soul

Call this one

Call mine

See the flashing signs

See the sunshine in the sky

The light is easy to find

Follow it

Screw your mind

That organ will die

It will live forever

It’s like the water

It will always be there

Enduring the weather

Catching the hardest winds

As soft as a feather

I put all my money on it

And I am no bet maker

When it’s as sure as this

There is no associated risk

I just want to dive in

Drown Me With Thee By: Carl The Muse



Another Hour Passed


New Years is but another day life is still just ticking away. You see anytime and all the time as long as you have the time you have the time to change, the resolution rests within you, the moments you choose to do what you do are the moments that define the rest of your time, it’s being written every second, every moment, the resolutions on a certain date don’t mean a thing if you missed the boat every other time, no the moments places and times are intertwined, what did you do in that hour, in that minute did faith win or did you panic, when the call came did you answer it? That’s what matters and what I am saying is every moment is as important as the next New Years is no more important than the way I love and live through this day yet to come, it’s monumental all the time as long as you are alive, I am in a celebratory mode like its New Years all the time, to me the fireworks happen when the sunshine and even in the rain I play, I love the water anyway, I can stand a little rain, I love fertile plains, I am always ready and embracing the change. To live it fully and as the best version of me that is my aim, my truth by: Carl The Muse

A Moment Of Time, Intertwined By: Carl The Muse


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