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The Moment You Wake By: Carl The Muse


Every time you open your eyes in the morning, you have won. Because the lord has blessed you with more time to enjoy life and to feel the warmth of the sun.

Someone Lost And You Have Gained

So Celebrate Every Moment Of Sunshine

Before You Experience Rain

The Sun Rises And Sets 

Things Always Change

But No Matter What

The Memories

Will Always Remain

Go Make The Moments 

Go And Play

Before Your Time Comes

And Night 

Takes Over For Day

Carl The Muse




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Looking At Me By: Carl The Muse


I Often Look Deep Inside

 I Make Sure I Do

What I Know Is Right 

On The Outside

Before Mine And Your Eyes

The Way I Live My Life

I Want To Be A Source Of My Families Pride

In The Darkness

I Want To Be The Light 

I Want To Be So Bright 

That Even A Stranger Can Find Me At Night

I Want My Life To Be A Beautiful Sight 

Full Of Love And Happiness 

I Want To Spread Light Like Fire 

Being Happy And Spreading Happiness 

That’s My Hearts True Desire 

It Gives Me A High So High 

I Can Get No Higher

I Look In The Mirror 

I Stare At Myself 

I Want To Be My Best 


Everyone Else 

Looking In The Mirror Before I Go Outside

The Simple Complex Way Carl The Muse Lives His Life.

Carl The Muse


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Awake, The Storm Only Threw Me Into Place By: Carl The Muse

Lately I have had trouble sleeping, I want to be awake all night, I am too excited or too content whatever you want to call it, I have been too excited to close my eyes at night and so I have been spending most of my hours the same way day or night, I am either playing with my children or I am some where around the house rediscovering my wife. 

When I do close my eyes, I never sleep through the whole night, It seems like I always wake up at the same time to get a drink of water, to kiss my kids in their beds, to walk around my home to look outside, I am living a dream all I have to do is open my eyes, and so I am caught in this endless circle of living every moment, I see no difference between day and night, The moon rules one and the sun the other side, the thing they both have in common is light. 

I am like a flower, I grow where there light tells me to go. Its hard to sleep when love surrounds me. One day I will die, One day I will not be in this body, One day I will see out of a different set of eyes and so while I am here, I am living this life. I know what I feel I can see the difference between what is fake and what is real.

I open my eyes and adjust to the light, I look at the water, I listen to the waves right outside and then I look over next to me and I start to crave my wife. Its the same thing every night, I rise out of my bed walk around my home and then I get back in bed with my wife and I cannot leave her alone and she tells me to do whatever I want to do because I am her King and this bed is my throne, she tells me not to knock on the door to my own home, she says I can come right over, I never have to pick up the phone and when she tells me this I enter this zone and so every night, I reclaim my throne. 

It feels like we have been awake for days we are trapped in the best place and we are not even trying to escape the maze, we have hit our stride, ten years is more than a phase, we have all sorts of momentum now, we are just riding the wave.

The darkness nothing more than a change, The rain, nothing more than preparation for the gain, The loss, there is none it was not in vain, The scars, memories of what was but even they have healed nothing from then remains, they were all washed away in the storm cleansed by the rain. 

One thing I cannot be called is insane, my core remains, but with perspective and experience my behaviors change, I want people to smile when they mention my name. To my family, my friends and strangers in the street my aim remains the same, with my tragedy, I share the testimony of how love rescued me, I tell where I was because it was that moment then that allowed me to be who I am now, It was in that moment that I learned for this moment and now I know how. 

There is always hope, their is always a yes awaiting on the other side of no, you have to tread water, even when it seems you are surely sinking you have to know, you will be saved, you will float, so pray and say thanks and prepare for the winds to blow and before you know, You will be where you were supposed to go, but you cannot doubt, you have to know. 

Maybe that is why I wake up and seem to stay that way for days, Maybe its why I love my family more everyday, Maybe is because I have finally realized that I am not strong enough to do it alone and I have allowed myself to be saved. 

I prepared my sail and I have been truly awake, I have been right here right now, the moment is at stake because the moments that I do not appreciate might later be taken away.


I Am Awake, The storm came and threw me into place, I went through what I needed to

God makes no mistakes, and now I am aware of just is what is at stake.

I am thankful for love and perspective, that is all I gotta say.

Awake, The Storm Only Threw Me Into Place By: Carl The Muse





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I Fell Into Place, I Stumbled But Not To My Face By: Carl The Muse

One of the greatest lessons that I learned in losing my mother and my brother and a whole host of others that I would spend the rest of my years trying to tell you about these wonderful souls that I have been blessed to know. 

The thing that I have learned in all this loss is gain. I gained perspective, I gained a real sense of here and now. I have always been one to sit in the sun and let the wind blow upon my face, I have always been able to stop and stare, however now it is no longer just sometimes now in every moment and every thing I do, I take the time to take the time. 

These days I do not pray and ask for much after so many days of turmoil suddenly I know that I should just be thanking God for my peace for my life, for what I have. The more that I have gone through the more that I have received gifts that only God could bestow upon me.

I have been able to slow down, to smile at those around me, my passion is now just something that fuels my compassion and not the other way around. I lost my mother here on earth but I hear her in my head telling me to do this and to go that way instead. 

I feel blessed, I am not a child, I am a man, A man with a family that I love dearly, we wake up to the sound of waves, we watch the sunset from our bed. Despite all the turmoil God has provided me with a peace that I only needed to open my eyes to see.

I had my mother for all of my years and there is a child who never did. I loved my brother, and there is somewhere who has never met theirs, so while I have loved and lost. I have gained because the memories remain, how can I complain when someone somewhere has it worse than me because like I said when I look outside I do not see darkness surrounding me.

I have been running, I have been swimming, I have been making love, I have been randomly keeping my kids home so that I can take them out and show them what they mean to me. I have fallen in love with my wife again somehow for the millionth time because over the years we have changed but the core of the woman and man remain and whatever is there it is there and we know what that is, Its called LOVE.


We have been going to sleep at four in the morning because we spend all night up together like we just met. I pick up my kids from school and I rejoice because the moment they get back in the car with me I know that I am blessed.

I anticipate my wife coming home in a way that I hope she realizes by the things that I do. I find myself right where I need to be living and operating at the center of me. I am letting my love do the leading and my brain is being used for reading. I am no longer thinking about what I should do, now I am thinking about the fact that I did it.

I have put the love, the faith, the testimony and all that I have been blessed with to use, I have been standing in the light opening my mouth and my soul to those around me, I am slowing down, not to a crawl, I am just no longer powered by fire, now I am powered by the water and the winds, I am a sail boat going where God wants me to go.


I am in place ready and willing to go where the winds take me. God has not taken a thing from me, he has given me the world and then some. My mother did not die, she is now free, and while I am still here on this planet she is still living through me and these wonderful seeds for I am just a testimony for all the things that all these wonderful people have put inside of me. 

I appreciate the time that I had with all those souls that loved me and shared time and space with me, I was being blessed with every moment and it was simply for me to see. I know now when I pick up my kids that I should be happy and so now they are greeted in a way that lets them know that these moments are moments, I want them to remember what I do and how I am to them so that they give what I gave them to their kids. 


I pray for years, I want to be here long enough to be there for the birth of my grandchildren, I want to take my grandchildren to the park while I sit and watch them and think of moments like this when it was just a dream and then I want to do just what I do now. 


I look forward to the future, I look forward to right now, I am happy,  I am in love, I am loved, I eat well, I live in paradise and the beauty of life is all I can see out of my eyes. 


Death taught me that, Pain taught me that, The lessons have to be learned, the blessings have to be earned, every step and every move that you make is special if you make it so. There are so many cliches about time, the one thing I know about time or the thing that I thought I knew is that the control is not mine. 


Did I say I feel blessed? That is how I have been, I have a million things to share and I will do my duty and use this platform to freely share it, even if just three souls find some truth and perspective from my testimony, then I have done for them what so many others have done for me.


Carl The Muse is just a manifestation, My mom always said, baby, I am proud of you Carl, you are really really a man, and knowing that my love rules me, I can say that I am. 


My feet are firmly planted, I know where to stand. 




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Alive and Well

I am finally back after a long hiatus as I dealt with the loss of my mother and brother just months apart. I have a new lease on life, a new understanding that only experience can teach. I look forward to sharing the messages and testimony that has been given to me, I am back and better than ever, Ready!

I wake up alive, I actively smile, I look at my life and a fire lights inside. For all of the rain I was being set up for bigger gains my world may have changed but the memories will always remain. 

I am thankful for the perspective, thankful for the memories, thankful for the time, thankful for everything that is mine.




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