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Living In The Light Basking In Love And Truth By: Carl The Muse

Stop all that moving around 

Stop and listen to the sound 

The undeniable truth within you 

The voice that you cannot ignore 

The voice that refuses to not be heard 

The voice that says it all without saying a word 

The voice that tells you to make these dreams verbs

Its silent but a deafening loud

It has enough force to clear a crowd 

You don’t even have to put your ear to the ground 

You will know its coming

But no worries

You won’t end up lost 

When you have finally been found

The time to worry no more is now 

This is where the frown is turned upside down 

This is the feeling of having a hometown 

This is the feeling you knew as a child 

This is the role you never had to learn 

You know how 

Its all before your eyes 

Take what you get 

No reason to ask why 

Just say thanks when you look up at the sky 

The sun is shining down upon you 

God is touching everything you do 

God is ordering your every move 

You are in a position where you cannot lose 

You have nothing to think about 

You soul knows what to choose

The chains will be broken 

Your soul will be lose 


As You 

Living In The Light Basking In Love And Truth By: Carl The Muse 


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The Center Of My World by Carl The Muse

I anticipate every time I see a smile on your face, you are the feeling that’s is greater than great, you are the best in the world to me you take the cake, you pout, I stand up to bow down, I am the king but this is your crown, your happiness is all I care about, to feed your soul I’d gladly give my portion, every moment of serving you has been worth it, you are your daddies princes you deserve it, for the sweet beautiful smile, for being such a wonderful child, I look and you and say wow, God thought much of me, look at this precious jewel he gave to me, instantly another part of my heart was living outside of me.

Thank you for being you, thank you God for giving me you, thank your mommy for bringing you here safe and sound, the same goes for your brother but this is about daddies princess and that’s you, so
know that daddy loves you so much because you are you, if I could choose on trillion times I’d choose you.

Carl The Muse


It’s Time By: Carl The Muse

I knew darkness

I couldn’t find the light

I was living blind out here

I had lost my sight

I messed up

I almost lost my life

But I have been blessed

God spared mine

I have a chance to turn right

I’ve been blessed with more time

It’s obvious to my soul

I know at my core

I have no doubts

I am sure

I hear God

I see the signs

Now I need to open my eyes

And get out of my mind

It’s time

To embrace the sunshine

God has awaiting you

Carl The Muse


Love On My Mind By: Carl The Muse

I have always seen the world from my heart, my soul, my core, whatever the center of love that’s where I start from. My actions my words my thoughts my dreams my hopes are centered around this one thing, that is me, love dominates me, love to me is what I call being free.

I am unafraid in love, love makes me feel like all my dreams are real, so it’s a simple process for me, no matter where I end up or what is happening love is what I will seek, love will always be what is driving me.

Love on the highest plain is the goal I hope to achieve, to reach the height of love that’s when I have peaked, and from there I will soar, love will be the wind beneath my wings, I know for sure, love is the sure clear cut winner.

Love is all I need to survive, love is all I need in my life, love will fill the darkest corners of my soul, love is light, love is life, life is about loving, someone and something more than yourself, love is socialism I guess because you must spread the wealth or at least love should trickle down from those with it to those without it because no soul can grow when love is absent.

Love is what you need, love means many things and the same thing, love has many meanings but it’s clear and obvious you will know love when you see it.

Love comes to those who call, love comes to those that love, those that believe in the beauty of caring for something or someone, love is a boomerang effect, you throw it out there it will come back.

Carl The Muse

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