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Make The Memories Worth Missing Or You Will Miss Them By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)

Who knew that time would run out

Who knew that hope would ever give way to doubt

Surely not me

My eyes were not closed

But at that time I was too blind to see 

I lost my sense of direction 

I forgot where I was supposed to be 

I ended up trapped when I was meant to be free 

I lost track of time

Got trapped in my mind 

But in this tragedy

It was the last time 

The lesson has been learned

The lines clearly defined 

I will never again let the darkness stop the sun from shining 

I will never ever forget

These moments 

Every single one is a gift 

Spend them wisely 

Because every day you live 

You are closer to the end 

Its closer than you think

So pay attention 

Learn when to be active 

And when to be actively listening 

God is always talking 

Are you always hearing it?

The moments you miss 

Are the moments you miss 

Who wants to be there at the end

Wishing it did not end like this 

Make The Memories Worth Missing Or You Will Miss Them By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)





Happiness Is Not As Far As You Think By: Carl Johnson Ii (Carl The Muse)


I guess you have to take it 

You have to catch it or it will forever evade you 

Why settle for living in the dark 

When even nights become bright with the moon and the stars 

I took a long time but I finally realize 

Happiness has always been mine 

I am the one who refuses to smile 

Pain feels less than it did when i was a child 

I have made it through some long hard miles 

I have failed and fallen from the top 

But when I look down I see it was never a long drop 

I was always being protected by God 

As long as I appreciated the gift and spread it 

I was given it in abundance

I hate to sound redundant but

You give and you get 

Its the boomerang effect 

Throw it out there 

It will come back 

Your happiness is just a smile away 

Start practicing for it everyday

It will eventually be the dominant feature of your face 

Happiness Is Not As Far As You Think By: Carl Johnson Ii (Carl The Muse)



Choose To Be Happy And Fight Till You Are Free By: Carl Johnson (Carl The Muse)

I turn it off to look outside

I slow down to enjoy the the ride 

I speak softly when I remember 

I would rather be a summers day 

Not a cold dark winter 

I don’t react to something as small as a splinter 

I don’t fear much because

There is not much that I have not been through 

I don’t react over everything new 

I react over the things that are timeless 

Like the memories made between two

I used to sit and think 

Now I have learned to sit and enjoy the view

I remember rushing through the days 

Now I am fighting for the hours 

And they are constantly rolling away 

Every second and every minute 

I may lose I may win 

It was too precious a commodity 

No more gambling 

I used to sit and get mad in traffic 

But now I pray just incase the slowdown was because of an accident

I have learned the truth

Its not about me 

Its about my ability to live and learn 

My ability to see 

I am constantly evolving into a better me 

Evolution is how we become the ultimate form

It allows us to fly free




When I neglect it 

I miss 

I get lost and end up in a fit 

You must quiet the mind 

You must look outside of your eyes

You must admit your truths 

No reason to deny them 

Live your life 

Stop lying 

Start trying

Open and close your eyes at the right time 

Find your place and drive that line 

Bask in the sun while it shines 

And your life could be

A beautiful story 

Every single line 

Choose To Be Happy And Fight Till You Are Free By: Carl Johnson (Carl The Muse)


Love Is The Truth Of Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)

There is no escape for a love this great

Its the thing that for

I cannot wait

No matter what they say

An hour A minute A second

I would feel the same way

I did it already for far to many days

I am tired of sitting on the bench

I want to play

I have given every inch of my heart

I have learned to love like an art

I am trying to win and oscar when I play my part

My goal never changes to be the better than yesterday

That is my aim

That is what I hope to teach all those that know my name

I do not seek fortune or fame

I only need one thing

Because I know what is in that seed

I know what it brings

I am a part of that choir and so my heart sings

I get this feeling and suddenly, Wings!

it makes me feel free


Every single time its given to me

I cannot lie unlimited love is what I seek

It is me

I often think of love and what if everyone could see

What if everything was what it is supposed to be

It doesn’t seem possible when you look around

But I believe

Because I am still living it and spreading it actively

So if you want to know what love feels like

Look to me

And you to will again believe

That is how I live my life

I do some wrong but I always end up getting it right

Before I ever run out of time

I let love rule, for love I throw out the rules

I do what it tells me to do

I am saying this

Love has been the best kind of gift

Without it I could not live

And I never ask for what I am not willing to give

If love can love will do it

Love will do whatever go around it or through it

If it is immovable love will move it

All you have to do is choose it

And when you get it give it

And you will never lose it

Never ever be a fool and refuse it

When love comes just let yourself go and give

All of you, All of your truth

Go back to the person you were in your youth

And love will do everything you knew it would do

Love Is The Truth Of Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)



Like A Bird Flying I Wanna Be Free By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)

I wanna be like a seahawk

I wanna be free

Like an eagle 

I want to see it all 


I want to perch myself high in a tree 

I want you to look up to find me 

I wanna get up and out of my head 

I wanna be like a leaf caught in the wind 

I want to cherish the moments now 

I do not want speak about it 

I want my actions to show you how

I want to reflect happily when I think of back then 

I want people to think of me

And say he was a true friend

I just wanna be happy 

I just wanna be able to go 

I don’t need the destination 

I just, I just

wanna float 

Like a boat 

The water is hope 

I hear yes when others hear nope 

I know 

I am sure 

I am only here temporarily 

i want a world tour 

I want to explore the oceans from shore to shore 

I want to leave this place wanting to come back for more 

I love life 

I want to overindulge 

This is what I am telling GOD I want 

I want to be surrounded by and engulfed by love 

I want that for all those I love 

This is my request to the light that shines high above 

Continue to bless me with it and I will never forsake it 

I won’t ever budge 

I will take my place and never move 

I am firmly rooted 

In love is where I place my faith 

If you could see my eyes 

You would see the truth on my face 

I am running but I am not in a race 

I am chasing it but I am not on a chase 

I am simply doing what we all should do 

I have decided to really live my life 

I have decided its time to fly 

Its time to flap these wings 

Its time to try 

Just tell me where to go lord 

I won’t even ask why 

Just give me love lord 

And I will feed them the pie 

I will be unselfish lord

I will live honor 

I will be like a knight 

I will defend the left 

And still represent whats right

I will stand tall in the sunshine 

And the same way at night 

Consistency I will be 

I will be an example of the love my mother gave to me

Like A Bird Flying I Wanna Be Free By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)


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