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Don’t Be Surprised By: Carl The Muse


Time has come

Time has gone

I have lost

I have won

I have been guilty of being finished

Before the job was done

I made mistakes

Rolled with the wrong thoughts

Like I was on skates

Fell on my behind so many times

I was sure it would break

But one thing I have never been


I give my all

My will is steel

I am sure there isn’t much

I couldn’t take

I often find myself on the run

I am in a constant chase

I am thrown into the race

Just as they fire the gun

But I don’t hesitate

I don’t retaliate

I just run

I deal with the hand that I’m dealt

I have ended up on top when it was sure to tilt

I am what I am

I fall and I get up

Because I know I can

I got these two strong legs

What can I do but stand

I got the know how

And so I execute the plan

In the middle of the storm

I have clarity

It helps me understand

And so I prepare for it all

I will surpass the demand

I won’t just talk

I will execute the plan

It’s in my soul I understand

They think I’m falling

But I’m about to stand

Tell them not to be surprised

But tell them you are the sun

You fall to rise

Don’t Be Surprised By: Carl The Muse



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Time Has Shaped Me By: Carl The Muse


Time has come and taken many things I knew apart but the one thing that time has made stronger and given the ability to go on longer is my heart. The storms have left a scar on my soul but I am no longer in pain its just another testimony to be told, of what faith in love brings if you let it unfold.

Carl The Muse



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Right Down The Line By: Carl The Muse


This Love Transcends Time Even Though We Were Not Born Long Ago I Knew You Were Mine.

Its Been You From The Moment I Saw You Its Been Fine, You Have Kept Me Steady, Right Down That Line.

By: Carl The Muse




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The Depths Of The Oceans By: Carl The Muse


To the depths of the oceans, I would go there with you. I’d paint myself a whole new color just to show my dedication is true.

When I look in your eyes I feel alive, the whole world becomes one big water park and you are my favorite ride.

Carl The Muse


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Can’t Resist By: Carl The Muse


They think I am strong but I’m weak and I admit it because I cannot resist you, your touch or your kiss. One request from your lips and like a genie I will grant your wish and if you lay yourself on a platter I would gladly devour that dish, when it comes to you, You are the water and I’m the fish.

There is no truth for me with you but this….

I can’t resist.

Carl The Muse


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Why try to out speak someone who has succeeded where you have failed? The truth By: Carl The Muse……


Why try to out speak someone who has succeeded where you have failed?

The truth By: Carl The Muse……The truth is you speak because you have not learned what they mastered, they obviously listened to someone somewhere at some time in some place they mastered the skill of humility. They learned to listen and so now they share what they learned when they speak, if you truly seek knowledge then like the mind, you should start listening.

Learning to Listen A Paramount Lesson

By: Carl The Muse



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Again And Again, Light Wins By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)


What else can be done?

You have taken your best shot

And you see I won’t run

You see I am not afraid of the storm

Even though the fight is no fun

The battle is welcome

I am not the type

To let fear rule his life

So when you engage in the battle

You better make sure its right

Because I am not likely to stop

This or the next night

If I was you I would avoid this war

Unless you intend to pay with or fight for the rest of your life

Because I refuse to let darkness creep in

And steal away my light

I am tested and ready

And I forgot the meaning of fright

Knocked down and thrown around

You have seen me fall

And jump up off the ground

Bloody knees and bruised ego

I stood up tall and gave definition to the word regal

You watched me evolve from a simple scorpion to an eagle

You saw me down on my knees

You saw me crying out to heaven

Did you not think my family would hear my pleas?

Did you think God would just ignore me?

No not this man

I will say it again

You have seen it yourself

You see where I stand

The cycle of it all should be something

You intimately understand

You should know

You can not break the will of the faithful

Spirit driven man

Yeah yeah you have battered the right side of my chest

But while you focused on my heart

I fortified myself everywhere else 

I have learned how to relax during the attack

I know how to respond like a stealth

Yeah the more you attack me

The more I am becoming myself

Oh and I am getting better

I have learned how to regenerate my health

Maybe its the Zulu in me

I refuse to be captive to darkness

I must be free

So you already know

If you wanna engage in the battle again

I am ready

I am more than capable behind the wheel

Anyone that has every rode with me

Will tell you what you already know

He can hold it steady

So please be gracious when I win

And do not feel bad

As you are covered in confetti

This has happened

The same way again and again

You must be forgetting

And so the battle begins

Again And Again, Light Wins By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)







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