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Be All That You Can Be, Join Gods Army.

By: Carl The Muse

Don’t you worry about a thing be faithful in the lord and look forward to what he will bring. I say will because that is what I mean, if he has said it, he will do it! just keep going right and you will walk right through it.

Inside you always knew it, you knew what you could feel and so you always knew what was real. You need to feel free not to hide, you need to come outside.You are the one who should be glowing with pride. What does a good person have to fear when you have the love and protection of God keeping you here.

You have no reason to be afraid if you see no way now know that the way has already been made, you have already been saved.All you gotta do is walk the walk the path is simple just follow that chalk. What I am saying is the line is already drawn in the sand and the bridge has already been built for the good woman and man.

All you gotta do is go where you already know you need to go. Do what you need to do stop ignoring his voice when you know he is leading you.He is telling you to slow down, he is saying turn around. He is the reason that you keep arriving alive. You have never been alone and now you have to stand in the light and sing the song. No more hiding in the shower and no more wasting time, this is the hour!

Take your place, the one who is already saved by grace stand up and smile the world is ready to see your face and he is ready to see your faith.You already won, your victory parade has already begun but you have to pick up your pace, its your party you don’t want to be late! Go be what the world needs you to be, reflect light so others can see.


Be All That You Can Be, Join Gods Army.


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By: Carl The Muse

So bright I cannot hide, I am bursting with happiness and unaware of pride. Suddenly I a blind man can see and I see this beautiful place in front of me. I feel the urge to move forward, to go with what I feel. I try to turn left but I no longer have control of the wheel. I feel this rush this feeling inside and I hear a voice say sit back and enjoy the ride.

I opened my eyes and suddenly there’s a playground around me and I can go and touch anything I see. This is some kind of trickery surely I think. I pinch myself and try to blink but nothing happens its still right in my face, something is wrong I can’t be seeing this way. I am a grown man seeing life like a newborn child. I feel like a caged animal let loose in the wild. I feel like a tree who has gone through the fall and now suddenly I am ready to spring into the middle of it all.

I feel the light against my skin. I hear the crackle of leaves being blown in the wind. I feel this burn this fire inside but I stumble back to my knees as I begin to rise. I grab my chest, I think I feel pain inside and I hear the lord say, No Carl!…………… that feeling means you are now Alive!


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Live your life alive. By: Carl The Muse

Live your life alive

By: Carl The Muse

I remember a time when the sun would not shine. I remember being so broke I did not have a dime. I remember that time, I remember that place. I remember the feeling and I have reserved a place. A place in my heart for those memories because I never want them to get to far away from me.

I always want to remember the way I used to feel so that I can compare them to now and embrace what is real. I remember when things were a different way and those memories of then make today a better day, because I know I can feel worse than this way. That’s enough of a reason to be thankful and happy with your life today.

The reality is this, life is as simple as this you get one this is your only wish. You get one opportunity to be happy today because with time there is no rewind.Spend some time praying and giving thanks for what you have right now and the blessings will keep coming down. Look around you and see the blessings in your face, look at your reality and stop staring into space.

Live your life alive, enjoy the moments and cherish the time because every day you live you are one day closer to dying.


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A Few #Quotes By:Carl The Muse


A Few #Quotes By:Carl The Muse

I am #thankful every morning for another day of #life, because some one somewhere saw the #world for the last time, last night.

I wake up feeling this way because  I got the biggest #gift that can be given, A new #day.

No matter what is going wrong the most important thing is that #God keeps #blessing you with #life because everyday you are given is an opportunity to make it right.

The blind #man with #faith sees the same way every #day.

Slow down and allow yourself to #see the #view, there is always a #message being shown to you.

If you break it, you can #fix it, If You did it, You #can do it!

Throw the #boomerang of #respect to those I meet and thats what will come back at me. 







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Whatever it takes, Go Forward With Faith. Be The Captain, Be The Man. By:Carl The Muse

Whatever it takes, Go Forward With Faith. Be The Captain, Be The Man.

By:Carl The Muse

More Inspiration here <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

How could a real man look his family in the eyes if he was unwilling to do what he needed to so that they could survive.

What could he say if he was afraid to face the storm, What if missing the call for his help was his norm?

What do we call the man who does not love, support and provide? What do we call the father who does not lead the way? A man with an identity crisis that is what I would say. 

Every man has lessons to learn along the way, so if you have made some mistakes that is ok. It’s ok to feel how you feel, admission is the first step to changing what is real.

A man cries a little inside every time he looks at his family knowing he is unable to provide. No man ever wants to tell his family there is no more he cringes when he opens the refridgerator door. 

No man wants his family to sweat in the heat or to shiver in the cold and no man wants to miss out as his kids grow old. A Man wants to be there to love and protect his family and his wife. A man stands out in the open to defend them he does not hide.

There is a code that a man should live by and if you have not tried it you should give it a try.

The code requires you to walk in the light and to face the fires by faith not sight. You may find yourself in darkness walking in the night but if you follow the code you’ll find your inner light. The code comes with tests that you must go through but they are not meant to break they are meant to mold you. 

The code requires you to walk in love and the code requires you to take your direction from above. The code requires you to be the best that you can be and it requires you to live as an example for others to see. 

A man is to do for others what God does for us all, A man is to answer when he hears the call. A man finds a way, A man goes straight into the storm every day.

He goes on the journey with faith in God and in love. A man is led by those two in all that he does. A man has no choice but to do what he needs to do. A man has no choice when they are hungry but to go and find them food. No hunger, no pain, he provides shelter from the rain.

A Man is to fight through the storm and never consider defeat. Whatever it takes, go forward with faith be a Man and take your place.

You lead the way to a brighter day, show them by acting upon the words you say.




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The Fire For Life

I know I have a chance for a better day because if I wake up tomorrow, I will See it this way.


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Learn How To Live Better Everyday <<<<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This Way. By:Carl The Muse

Another Chance To Master This Dance

By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)

I feel alive, I feel like this is living life. I am a father, I am a husband and I have become the best version of this man and I did not have to change to do this, I just had to go deeper into who and what I am.

I had to understand me and the things that I do, I had to stop telling myself lies. I needed to connect with the truth. It took great introspection and lots of staring at my own reflection.I was in disbelief and amazed to see that there was a stranger in my mirror staring back at me.

I ended up lost and paid a heavy cost, I took my direction from no one, I was a staff without a boss. I ended up all over the place and ultimately flat on my face, but I found the right perspective and I was saved by grace. I found a peace that I had not experienced in awhile in fact the last time I felt like this I was a child.

I found that the sun was always shining down on me but Instead of absorbing it, I had become blind and could not see. The Man who has it all is the man who has a family, that was then and is now me. The man who literally has the world in his hands has the same domain over his family that God does over man. Its not a dictator or a director more like a motivator and a protector.

As a family man I will change it all, as a family man I will answer the calls. I will be to them what God is to me, I will be the example of love, compassion and charity. I will answer my calling as the loving family man and I will share the message with everyone I can.

I am a solar panel supercharged by the light and now doing my part trying my best to make things right. I will  I be the example of a mans love and ultimately another example of the power of God’s Love. I gotta try I gotta answer this call and I have to go in, I gotta give it my all.

I never in my life set out to hurt anyone and though I have, admiting them and saying sorry is something I have always done. I am teaching the same thing to my daughter and my son. I try to fix anything that I break because hurting another soul is the mistake I never want to make.

What I am saying is there is a way to see life today, there is a way to be and a way to see. There is a way to make this world better for you and me.

Love is compassion. Compassion is what this world lacks, we have enough passion but compassion the overwhelming feeling inside that makes you stop when someone is hurting is what we are lacking. There are no crimes of compassion, they are called crimes of passion.

Passion is the love of something or someone more than anything including others. Passion can drive you over the edge if your perspective is off. You see passion can drive you in football or in your career however the trump card for passion should be compassion. You never have to hurt or cheat anyone if you do not want to, that choice is all up to you.

Compassion would stop bombs from being lobbed into Israel and It would stop Israeli pilots from dropping bombs knowing what comes next to everyone bellow. Compassion would stop the wars if it was what ruled us.  Compassion is not what has ruled humanity.

Passion has and passion has us in a mess. Disconnected from God and disconnected from love because every day we live is compassion being given to us from above.If God was ruled by passion the earth would be gone. Clearly work and thought went into the masterpiece that is the earth that we trash and destroy. We kill each other and take life like we are the source of if.

If God our father acted upon passion like we do it would end now for us all because we clearly violate and break many rules and pollute without regard. The passion for his earth and his animals and humans would kick in and he would defend what he loves.

You see God is the ultimate example of compassion, he allows us the opportunity to fix the beautiful things that we break. We could stop fighting, polluting and hurting each other. We are given the opportunity everyday we  to change because God has enough compassion to keep giving us chances.

You see God wants us to succeed like the parent pushing you along, life is that nudge to get going. Everyday you could be trying to be the best you, if you did that everyday guess what you would die that way. If all you do is spread love and reflect light how can you not wake up everyday looking forward to life?

I know I have a chance for a better day because if I wake up tomorrow, I will still see it this way.


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