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From My Eyes Flows Life By: Carl The Muse

I let my tears fall down like rain the pitter patter upon my soul is like the drops hitting a tin rooftop, lawless they swarm, I need a cop, I need the Feds, call in the army, they wouldn’t stop, but they look like something they are not, this isn’t the first time and the last time I have not forgotten when I found the sweetest fruit at the core of a moment that seemed to be nothing but rotten, I let them take place, I am the canvas the tears are the paint, upon my skin I am stained they are the archive of what came and a reminder that things change but no matter the circumstance it must always remain through faith the storm is tamed. So I let the tears roll, they are just a temporary thing, a flashing light and constant reminder, through love, I have life. The tears are soul in liquid form being shown, water is life, without the ability to cry the soul dies.

From My Eyes Flows Life By: Carl The Muse


The Only Unshakable Part By: Carl The Muse

My faith is all I had, when the things I thought would didn’t last, my faith is the one thing that has not been
hurt in the past, my faith is my present my faith is my future my faith is the only feature I have that I need to get used to, my faith is the one part that never had to be renewed, I can’t lie there were times I refused and it was hardly used but I am no fool, I know that faith is all I have and need to press on when it starts to bleed only faith can stop the bleeding and nothing will happen unless I truly believe, not all things are so clear to see, but I know without a shadow of a doubt that all the good in me, is more than me, I am just a fruit bearing tree, here to feed the hungry to provide shelter in the rain and to plant seeds, through a life of sacrifice and faith, I am freed.

The Only Unshakable Part By: Carl The Muse


When You Believe By: Carl The Muse

I feel it within

Feel the tingle on my skin

It’s undeniable still I try

I purposely dive

And still I fly

Uplifted upon a wind

I try to fall

But there is no falling

I try to drown it out

But it’s deafening and it’s calling

It’s a constant and there seems to be no running

It seems it’s inevitable

I’m going to have to do something

I have a vision to fulfill

As real as my momma was

It’s that real

It must be fulfilled

I have no choice

It seems I have a preprogrammed course

And even when I don’t know it

The path has already been set

It’s just where I am going

I can never forget

Like the water follows the wind

I am flowing

Carried by faith

And knowing

When I get there

It wasn’t me

I was just blessed and loved enough

To know where to go

When it’s time to follow

The soul

To my destiny

To my dream

Things in the rear view mirror

Are often closer than they seem

When you believe

When You Believe By: Carl The Muse


On A Mission With No Limit By: Carl The Muse

Aiming up

No other sense of direction

No other purpose

So what?

What’s a man here for

But to farm

But to usher them through life

But to show them the direction of the sun

I have one aim

Every moment and every second of my life

It will be the same

As long as I am

A man

I will have this stance

A shelter in the rain

A healer when in the prescience of pain

Whatever is required of me

I am willing to change

No matter the role

No matter the distance I will go

A life of sacrifice

A life in service

Like the saints

Like the prophets

Like the farmers

Like those guys

A man is to love those around him

As much as his own life

And when called upon

He must be willing to die

For them he would gladly

He wouldn’t hesitate or even ask why

If you look deep into him

You will see their eyes

He has but one truth one goal inside

It’s all he needs and instantly he is on fire

Rising up

Never giving up

Giving his all

He puts his back into it

He needs no luck

With him it’s always clear

Where he is coming from

And where he is going

On A Mission With No Limit By: Carl The Muse


Lost, Distraught And Bound To Be Found By: Carl The Muse

Left alone

Out in the cold

Dreams destroyed

Treated like a toy

Who fell victim to a destructive little boy


I had no choice

It could get no worse

These days were supposed to be better than before

The detour

The time when I last track of mine

I fell in that trap

Called the mind

The way out

I couldn’t find

I might as well have been blind

Or a deaf mute

I had the senses

But they weren’t used

Not because I didn’t know how

I simply refused

I refuted the truth

I went against what I knew

I acted like I didn’t have a clue

It was I who played the fool

I did it more than once

I am who I am

I can’t front

But in the failure

I get the message

In taken a step back

I learn a lesson

And I learn that even

What seems like darkness

Can be a blessing

It’s about faith

Fighting through it every day

And no matter how lost you are

Keep trying and at any moment

You will find your way

Keep pushing

God will see you on the other end of the storm

Safe and sound

Not at the bottom

Standing at the top of the mountain

Lost, Distraught And Bound To Be Found By: Carl The Muse


Love Adds Not Subtracts And What Love Takes It Gives Back By: Carl The Muse

Who wants to end up alone

Who wants to roam with no place that feels like home

Who wants to be lied to cheated on and left with the ability to believe no one

Who wants to give everything and get none

Who wants to go with no clue at all where it’s going

Who wants to lay next to someone without knowing

Who wants to be stuck in their mind reliving the hurt all the time

Who wants to be lost in the woods and never be found

Who wants to be the lonely person out on the town

Who wants to be ignored and fallen asleep on constantly an indication of bored

Who wants to do the best at a job and receive no kind of reward

Who the hell wants to cry all the time

Who wants to look at the sun and not see the light

Who wants to be the broken husband or the broken wife

Who wants to be left with no thing but the feelings that sting inside

Who wants to look at the meter and see they have lost their pride

Who wants to feel so bad they constantly fight

Who wants to have sleepless passionless meaningless nights

Who wants to repeat Groundhog Day everyday with a person stuck in place

Who wants a lover with poker face and no words to say

Who wants a lover who in times of need runs the other way

Who wants someone that is fake

Who is not aware that there is only so much any heart can take

Who wants the lover who at the buzzer is always moments too late

Who wants the lover who can’t spell faith

Who wants the lover who doesn’t fix it till it breaks

Love Adds Not Subtracts And What Love Takes It Gives Back By: Carl The Muse


The Only Thing That Means A Thing By: Carl The Muse

I’m a different type

It’s no lie

Know me and I’ll show it

Give me a seed and I’ll grow it

It’s a truth I don’t hide

I won’t even try

I know full well

Even my poker face tells

Like a plant searching

I know when I find the light

It will be more than worth it

No matter what comes

Or how long it will take

I’ll be at it till my dying day

And even then

The Lord may have to zap me again

Because I’ll be in heaven chasing it

The greatest gift ever given to me

I am addicted to it

The Lord knows I’m a fiend

It says what it says about me

That’s exactly what it means

The Only Thing That Means A Thing By: Carl The Muse

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