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The Battle Between Left And Right By: Carl The Muse

Where does pain start and love end?

Sometimes I can’t tell if my feelings are my enemy or my friend

I go hot and cold as fast as a rocket goes

My direction is like the water reacting to the wind I go forward to go back again

I create all the love and then commit that sin

I am given the formula to success and I still don’t win

I am insane or I must get stuck in this lane because no matter where I go this always remains

The two sides of me one is honest and sweet impossible to beat charismatic and just a loving fun intelligent human being who is free because of who he is spiritually

Then there is that my darkness but it’s color is not black I guess ill call it red because every time like a bull is how I react.

I do what I ought not everything I learned suddenly I forgot I went ahead and did when I knew I should have not

I don’t always make the mistake I am often defining the word great but to say I don’t often slip up might seal my fate

I cannot tell that lie so I won’t deny it but I can tell the truth about eliminating that side of me, I am actively trying

I gotta beat myself be better than my best self I gotta put it all to use before its put on the shelf

It’s not about money that just buys more honey, it’s about the souls and who I become as I grow old, I’d like my life to be an inspiration when it’s told

I gotta a leave a loving legacy behind for my children’s children’s children to be inspired, I gotta follow the blue print of the love my momma put inside of me

I gotta get out of the way of myself I gotta save what’s left I know what it means to be rich I have already obtained wealth

The treasure chest of life has a key and it’s been given to me and now I must do the same for others that was done for me

It’s the war of my life between my left and my right there is a battle going on in each of us hidden in plain sight

The Battle Between Left And Right By: Carl The Muse



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Love Comes To Those Who Believe By: Carl The Muse

Water Reflecting Silhouette of Couple

I wrote this as I thought about someone who has become my brother. We have been blessings to each other in every way and one of the ways that I saw I could bless this man was to share with him my perspective on love and what it really means to be a man.

I mused him and he mused me through another time in life. We made it here because of our brotherhood, because when both of us were falling down the other one was right there to turn it back around.

I knew what it would take for him to find his wife because I knew what I had done wrong and right in my own life and so I shared with him the miracles, the trials and tribulations that happened right before my eyes.

I told him all of my truths and all of my lies, I gave him all the knowledge that I have inside. Now he is engaged just mere days before my very own tenth anniversary. I am honored to have taken part in his transition and being able to see how love can do for anyone what it did for me, Love can set you free, have trouble believing its possible talk to me.

Cheers to the engagement! Many blessings are coming to people like these two, let love lead you in all that you do.

Just keep breathing and keep believing

Your angel will come your way

And when you least expect it

You will be safe, where you belong

In your true place.

Cheers Fam!

I was a bird trying to fly without wings 

I was a singer with a beautiful voice and no desire to sing

I walked a long hard path 

Just to end up where I started 

This time without a map

I was lost with no cause 

I stopped moving forward

I was paused 

I needed you before I knew 

I could not see 


I felt you inside of me

My faith in you 

You gave me a reason to believe

In you

I suddenly had everything I need 

In your arms I was finally free 

Now I want you to stay forever 

Don’t ever leave me 

You are everything I wanted 

And everything I dreamed 

You are the reason 

Its in love that I believe

By: Carl The Muse 


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The Source Of My Smile By: Carl The Muse


You are my lady

You are my everything

The mother of my babies

You send shock waves through me

You drive me crazy

Every day I am pushed to the brink

And saved right before I sink


I am swept away

I go from the bottom of the ocean

To somewhere in outer space

One second a storm is raging

The next

Our bed is shaking

I stand here and lie with a straight face

The truth

If I tell you I need space

I’ll get mad the second you walk away

The further away from you I get

I can feel my heart race

Losing you, I cannot take

So if I seem like I am not pleased

Know that there is something I need

You can tell by the look on my face

And the memories of the last time should not be erased

I may not always say it but

I have this special place

Filled by someone that I could never replace

If I seem like I am going down

If you see my face and you see a frown

It was the same before, Its the same now

All I need is you to make me smile

Please save these words to memory

In a special file

I am Egypt

You are my Nile

The Source Of My Smile By: Carl The Muse



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What Will You Remember? By: Carl The Muse

 Senior couple ballroom dancing

Memories are created, I have learned that over time. I used to get irritated as my mother snapped away with her camera recording every moment of my life that she could both big and small. I did not understand then what I understand now as a father and a married man. I thought my mom was just being irritating but she always said one day you will appreciate this. 

I appreciate it now that she is gone. I have these books put together showing all the moments of my life, she saved things I wrote in elementary school, she saved the most random things that tell such a great story because I had a mother that paid attention to the details of what made me me. 

Its like I was left with this very thick picture book to tell about my life and now I sit here sometimes and go through it with my kids and my wife. My mom is gone but her memory lives on in her son, she created so many memories in moments that would have just passed as time to me.

The moments were created and saved and I am just so thankful that I had such a gift, I am aware that not every human is blessed with a parent like this. I do not often cry, my mother gave me such perspective and such a rich life that a tear may fall and then instantly my eyes are dry.

I am thankful for all those times, I am thankful that I had a mother like mine. I just sit here and think about my blessings, I have so many things such a perspective on life, such an awareness of the darkness and so driven by light. I am and was always my mothers pride, that is the truth there is no denying it. 

I was treated like a king and so I give my family the very same things, I had an angel without wings for all these years and she led me right here out of the darkness and into the clear. I give what was given to me, I am that thing that does not fall far from the tree. 

You can create the same thoughts and the same memories for those that you love, make the moments the moments that you can never get enough of, you are in control of your life as long as you can open and close your eyes, you still have the power to set things right, how do you want to remember your life? Think to yourself what kind of memories are being created by me. 

I write here and I ramble on but I think you get what I am saying, its your job. I am off to the beach with my family to do just that, create a new favorite memory, I want to leave them with the same fulfillment my mother left in me, she succeeded, that woman made me me. 


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Love Is Everything By: Carl The Muse


Love is a beautiful thing

Love gives a flightless creature wings 

Love is everything

Love is motivation 

Love is life 

Love is fuel to the the fire

Love makes you stronger 

Love makes you live longer 

Love can bring you back home from the deep blue yonder 

Love is sight 

Love is right 

Love is just 

Love is trust 

Love is in the words 

Love is a verb 

Love is a jet 

Love can take you somewhere you never could get 

Love is the air 

Love is what you need to get there 

Love conquers fear 

Love wipes away tears 

Love will come and hold you near 

Love encompasses all 

Love is the cushion from any fall 

Love is in the eyes of a child 

Love can be seen in a smile 

Love can take an inch and go a mile 

Love is what you need 

Love is in what you should believe 

Love will come when you are ready to receive 

Love will come and set you free 

Love is the remedy you need 

Love is out there waiting for you to claim 

Just like me

Ten years strong 

Still going on 

Love is wind in the sail 

Love has done for my life quite well 

Love is the testimony that I have to tell 

Thank God for seeing me as worthy of 

Thank my momma for teaching me 

Thank my wife for giving me not what I ask for but everything I need 

Thank God for all those who have loved me 

I am now my own fruit tree 

Doing for others in love 

What so many who have come and passed on did for me

I am a living testimony 

Of love 

And what it does

You wanna see it in motion watch us 

My wife and I 

We have found truth and hit a stride 

We love our life 

We love our kids 

We love strangers 

Love is ours to give 

The words just come and I have to share 

This is what is in my soul 

And I just take you there 

I am not the only one who sees life like this 

 I am aware

And so I give what I was meant to share 

Its a beautiful thing 

The sunshine love brings 

Love is everything

I could say it again and again 

I could talk forever about love and never run out of wind 

This is me

I am my mothers seed 

I am a man 

Not because of my gender but because of my stance 

Because I understand love 

Because I understand romance

Love is all that is needed to put you in a trance

I was done long ago but my wife keeps walking past me putting on a show 

And she is the rocket fuel to this steal fighter she makes me go 

I get excited every single time 

I see her walk by and I think she is really mine?

I look at that woman’s smile and it drives me out of my mind 

If life ended now I would pray for rewind 

Again and again love would dominate me 

Love would always win 

I gladly surrender to you 

My lover, my wife, my best friend 

If I end the night with you I win 

Love from you is justice for me 

You are my truth 

Love is everything 

By: Carl The Muse 



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A Man With One Plan By: Carl The Muse


I live out my dream every single day. I am the husband to a woman that I crave every single night, I have children that literally shine before my eyes. I have created some things that I could once only dream.

My mom always told me how proud she was with me as a father and a husband. My mother let me know when I was a fool and when I had become one she called me a man. I had a reward my mother had a kind of wisdom from another world, she shared it with me, we talked the moon and the stars the birds and the bees no subject was ever off limits. My mother poured her soul and all her knowledge into me and I am her seed.

I have done for my family even better than what she did for me, my mother was proud of that, she said every generation should leap forward, life is about progression not going back. 

I was made to understand what it took for a boy to become a man. I thank my mother for this knowledge this manual of how to be a light. I am proud because of the happiness that I can see that was created by me. I work for these smiles, I put in the time, I drive the miles.

For ten years, all of my adult life thus far building a family is what I did. No title can eclipse this, I hear those words that have love in them you can tell its a verb, when I hear daddy, I know that they are calling me, they know that I will come, they know if they say it louder I will run.

My children and my wife all trust me with their life, it feels me up with pride and secretly I wonder inside, am I worthy? Do I give them all they need? Are they all content and happy? I never stop thinking about it, this family is my life where would I be without it. I know and so I do my best to impress them and put on a show. I want them to want to stay in my arms and to never want to go.

Me as a daddy I am trying my best to be the best one anyone that knows me has ever seen, that my dream, that I am the ultimate to my princesses, my princes, and my queen. I want to be the one who notices every detail. No l I don’t wanna miss a spot, I don’t want to lose any of your love or trust not one drop.

The greatest thing is the happiness that love can bring. The smile especially from a child yours or mine, I love to see a kids face shining. Just as much, I understand a woman’s touch is linked to her smile very much and its the same thing, another one of those things worth putting in the work and turning over some earth, I would walk through a fire for a smile.

I get high every time I see them smile, my reward is when happiness is the tone that is heard when my family utters a word. 

I know my place as a man, an eagle watching over, a place to lean when you need a crying shoulder, a reason to smile, a reason for you to want another child, The red bull you need to stay up way past being tired, the strong hands, the action in motion after we plan, your train, your thing, your light at night, your shade on a hot day, the wind you need to whisk you away. Whatever you need just say it.

What else am I here to do but to love and please you, to show you what love is so you can spread the same truth and be even better than I was at everything you do. I am just a book, hopefully a good read because one day I will be out of print and only in memory like my mother and me, its a good thing I got an elephant in me.

I am filling up the pages as life takes me through the stages its a beautiful ride as we make our own version of my wife’s favorite move, “Its a beautiful life”.

Writing whats on my brain when I wake, now its time for the beach with the family.

Carl The Muse.


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The Insatiable Husband/Man By: Carl The Muse

wanting her

I am a different kind of man, Insatiable that seems to be me, it seems I can never be pleased, I cannot get enough of this certain kind of stuff. No matter how much I get its never enough, I am addicted to my wife, I am like a junkie every single night. I always need it just one more time and when I don’t get it, I seem to lose my mind. If I had it my way I would get it all the time.

If I died making love I would be just fine. Its who I am at my core, If I love it you can bet I am coming back for more. I am willing to swim the distance of the oceans shore just tell me that when I am done you are the reward. I am addicted, I cannot get away, I will need it more tomorrow than I need it today, You are an oasis to me and all I want to do is play, If I fall alseep lost within the depths of you that is where I want to lay, so I can begin again the moment I wake.

I rise as sure as the sun, your pull is magnetic on me I cannot run. You are the reason that I open my eyes If I stand up tall when I am looking at you, its because you are my life, the reason that I take in air, the reason that my soul is so aware, I feel connected to everything because I am so connect with this other being, just keep loving on me and I will keep giving you a reason to keep believing, If I am stormy like the weather just understand its because I am at peace when we are together. If my heart seems like its bleeding please understand its you I am needing.

You don’t even have to put in the work, just give me a little romance and I will go beserk, I am strong enough to carry both just tell me where and that is where we will go, just do me a favor gas me up, I go slow and smooth, I will go harder on cue.

No I am not saying you have to pay just give me you and we will be on our way, I promise I will jump I will not hesitate, for you I am a love slave, I do whatever you want, whatever you say, I will work my arse off for just a drop of your praise, no reason to ask the question you are the reason that I am saved and if you see me standing tall you are the reason that I am being so brave, you understand? I am a surfer and you are the wave, You are the playground and I want to play.

I lust like hell, my nights with my wife is a fantasy that I want to be able to tell, I want her so bad I think I need rehab I cannot be well, its been the same way since the first day yeah I fell and I have been falling since, I wouldn’t move out even if I stopped paying the rent, evict me right now, I am the immovable tenant, this place is where I lay is where I intend to stay, my word is my bond, if my body looks strong my soul is stronger.

I will die but my love will last longer through time, so if I had you today tomorrow I want to hit rewind, cameo please, one more time.

Perform with me, lets end this night the right, these moments are precious, I only have this one life.

Let me show you my praise and end the day the right way, lets be sweaty and smiling when we go to bed let the passion on my face be the last image you saw in your head.

The cycle I go through every single day caught in a web and not trying to get away, trying to be consumed not wanting to be saved. 

Carl The Muse.


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