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Evasive Action Is Yours To Take By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)


How can I go up

With a crumbling foundation

Broken backbone

And bad luck

Its has all been taken away

And I will fall they have already set the stage

I can see the smoke as the fire rages

Its coming and I will soon be facing my elimination

They are tired of my song and once again changing the station

How am I to reach the top

If my ascend just suddenly stops

I have to survive

I have to do something drastic to keep this dream alive

This is about destiny, honor and pride

This is about building it stronger from the inside

That is how this vision rises

This is how you separate the truth from the lies

This is when you run to the natural

And away from the fake

This is when you steer clear of old mistakes

This is when you learn to bend but refuse to break

This is your chance to make ok good

And good into great

This is the time to wake up

Its your legacy at stake

The ground is crumbling

What more will it take

Before you stand up

And correct

These mistakes

Evasive Action Is Yours To Take By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)




What One Throws Away By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)


I remember the way that you made me feel

I remember when I knew that every word I heard was real

Your actions showed your truth

Even when you said different

I was the thing you would always do

The one you could never refuse

I would call and you would breathe hard as you pick up the phone

You tell me you miss me and without me you feel alone

Your house is not a home

You tell me I am the thing you need

You tell me I am the one from whom your heart gladly bleeds

You say I give you cold feet

You say I come close your knees get weak

I try to hide and you start seeking

You find my hole and fill me where I am leaking

You fix what I say does not need to be fixed

But you look at me and tell me I am too precious to go on like this

You see right through, You see the truth

You know I need a lift

If a broken down man was what you wanted

You got your wish

You can cross this off your list

You stop me and say

What one sees as trash and throws away

Another sees as a gift and saves

What One Throws Away By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)




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Fighting Nature Is The Sin By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)


I stare into a dark hole

And that is where the true story seems to unfold

In the darkness that is where the secrets are told

It is when people think they have found a place to hide

That they reveal the true darkness that lives inside

They go left when the signs say right

They run away from day and into the night

They can see clearly

But something is clearly not all right

Walking around blind all the time

Living life backwards like the way forward is to rewind

And these people say its me who is out of my mind

Because I walk around outside

Dreaming and smiling talking in rhymes

But the sunlight you see means I am doing just fine

I am coloring the world with senses

And trying my best to stay in the lines

Claiming the blessings and happiness that are rightfully mine

To me its easy to see

All the blessings that have been given to me

I flip the light on

The darkness fades

And the thought is gone

The second I turn it off

Life comes back on

The music starts playing

The world starts singing its song

And before I know it I am dancing along

Like a leaf in the wind

I move as soon as it hits my skin

Its an easy process once it begins

Its does not take a battle for the natural to win

Fighting it is the sin

Who wins the fight against the water, the earth or the wind

Its there to be had you might as well dive in

Fighting Nature Is The Sin By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)








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I See What Is In Front Of Me By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)


I saw you standing over there

When it came to me you had no care

I was the one left here standing alone

When I called you hung up the phone

When I cried you were deaf to my tone

You broke my heart and sent chills through my bones

You set a fire to it all and burned down our home

I am the one left standing here

The only survivor of the fire but I have nothing to cheer

Its hard to play the part

Its even harder when you yourself are falling apart

I don’t have a weak heart or weak legs

Its my memory that keeps me lying in bed

When it is my soul that should be leading instead

I can’t make myself believe the lies

I know what I know

The truth is

I shouldn’t be surprised

I knew the answers

I knew what I would find

And even more has been revealed over time

And I have had long enough to think and make up my mind

Every time I go back over it inside

I find the truth is impossible to hide

When all the evidence is in front of your eyes

I See What Is In Front Of Me By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)



I Already Knew By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)


What would you do if it all started dying off

If you looked at the world you knew

And suddenly found yourself lost

Nothing remains the places or the names

Everything has gone dark

Its has all fall apart

Everything is struggling to survive

Especially your heart

Your brain is circling around

Looking for answers but none are to be found

The truth is

You know what to do

But right now

The shock of it all paralyzes you

It often happens when you learn the truth

But the truth is you shouldn’t be shocked

You already knew

Its time to get up off our hands

Its time to do something impossible

We have to make a stand

I can’t continue to watch it all go this way

I cannot watch the darkness come and take away the brightest days

I know this thing can be saved

Its just takes work and a whole lot of faith

But the impossible become possible

When you see it that way

I can look into destruction and see something standing tall

I can see something rising in the middle of a fall

I can see the grand scheme of things

Yes I can see it all

I get the answers inside

When I pick up and answer the call

I always hear a voice talking inside of Carl

Its tells me just what to do with this

If I ever hesitate I am just acting foolish

Its a shame that in spite of perspective

I sometimes lose the game

I digress the minute I sit on my hands

And let my soul rest

Because inside I know whats best

I am trying to get more consistent at passing this test

Going the direction of the flow

When I know the opposite direction is where I am meant to go

That path traveled by a few

The quest for love and truth

I Already Knew By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)



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A Five Star Full Course Meal By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)


Ever find it hard to deal

And your stomach is turning like a ferris wheel

You are unsure of whats is real

No one seems to care

What you think or feel

They do whatever they want to

In spite of you

They lie to your face

And insult you like a fool

The call you unsteady

Then say you are as stubborn as a mule

They say you leave them confused

But you are the only one who seems to know what you are supposed to

It happens all the time

The same people with the same jive

The same empty feelings the same bad vibes

Its obvious you expect too much from them

To think they will suddenly ignite and stop being so dark and dim

But that is where they have always been

Its time to change the scenery and shake lose of them

This happened over time not on a whim

The truth is

You know just can’t do it

You can’t just settle and allow your stomach to go through it

Be like me

I know where to eat

When I find myself in need

I run to my family

The last time I checked

If I needed food I knew just where to get it

The food is better than fine

And honestly its getting better all the time

I know just where to eat

I know who God has given to me

My family

The best thing I ever did

The love that continues to give

I thank God for this gift

I did not get what I asked for

But I did get more than I wished

I don’t need junk like this

I already got a five star full course meal

Perfectly nourished is how I feel

A Five Star Full Course Meal By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)



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The Right Conclusion, Not The Illusion By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)


I saw this on Facebook and I showed my wife

I always look dead in the center of the world around me and so

I was not able to see these things moving until I stopped paying attention

When I stopped paying attention I missed what was in my face

And then these things started to spin

I said to my wife this is the problem with the world

I told her how many mixed messages are we probably getting

How many things are we glancing at thinking its one thing when its another

People are all just glancing at life, love and the world around

We are distracted in every way shape and form

Technology has been a blessing and a curse

We could use what God gave us to get better but society is getting worse

The truth is we are blind

Walking around missing the messages all the time

These things aren’t moving that is you

Center yourself

And pay attention to what you are supposed to

Avoid the illusion

And you will always come to the right conclusion

The truth hides in front of your eyes

The Right Conclusion, Not The Illusion By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)


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