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A Man Can Never Give Less Than His Best By: Carl The Muse

I hope

I take it for them

They are the reason

I’m willing to go out on a limb

I anticipate every moment I see em

I’ll brave anything no matter the season

To abandon them to me is high treason

I could never

I wouldn’t ever

Never worse

Only better

When I am done with my duty

I want to be a decorated veteran

I want to be the one to set the pattern

I take it upon me

I have been blessed

I see it live

I feel it inside

Every time

I can’t get the sound out of my mind

I often tell them

Say it one more time

Repeat that line

What did you just call me?!

My ears hear the sweetest word

I ever heard

They repeat

I said daddy!


I feel energy


A blind me

Can see clearly

It’s my greatest achievement

The reason I know

I can and will be called a man

Not because I was born one

But because

That is who I was

And that is who I am

The definition of

A man

One who worked to be

The best husband

The best brother

The best daddy

The best son

The best uncle

At least the best of those

That this man could become

It’s a great duty

And I take it on

In the end

I know what I will get

And while

I may not be all the way there yet

I am getting closer with every day

And every step

I know

I am working towards something

To give everything I got

And the best of me

It’s my only option

The only way is progress

A Man Can Never Give Less Than His Best By: Carl The Muse



What Ends Begins Again By: Carl The Muse


A work in progress

A mission I’m on

I’m no veteran

I’m still actively engaged

I’m still at it

I’m trying every single day

I try not to even let seconds slip away

I can’t hide

It’s in front of my face

I’m aware it’s endurance

It’s not a race

I’m aware of the importance

Of a steady pace

That’s the only way

I will cement my place

Consistency is the way to my fate

I’m looking forward to it

But not rushing to the date

I still have objectives before me

This very day

And there is time to do it

Time to play

Blessed with every breath I take

It’s my obligation to be awake

I struck gold

And some other soul

Has gone as dark as coal

Back to the earth

And I

Have gone through another morning

Another rebirth

Standing here again

Capable of going anywhere

Like a leaf in the wind

And if I catch it just right

Maybe it never does end

Maybe it only just starts again

And this journey I’m on

Is just the countdown

To the ultimate


What Ends Begins Again By: Carl The Muse


Memories Are Everything, Suddenly By: Carl The Muse


They are everything

They are the picture you cannot see

They can imprison you


Set you free

They live in the same space as dreams

They can make you complacent


They can force you to change

A life full of bad memories can drive anyone insane

Until you are no longer willing

To allow things to be the same

Memories are created every second of every day

Are they wonderful? Are they awful?

Are they something you can face?


You are in control

You choose which way

When you have nothing else left

The memories will suddenly

Mean everything

So savor them


Think about your actions as you create them

Memories Are Everything, Suddenly By: Carl The Muse


In You I Have No Doubt, No Fear Of Drought By Carl The Muse

Like an animal and it’s prey

I crave you

I can’t behave myself around you

I forget the rules

Rules don’t apply

Not in my eyes

The only thing I can see is you

Your light is blinding

Your love binding

The moments with you

I am constantly rewinding


I am aware it’s ticking

That’s why everyday

I panic a bit

With you

I feel like I’m living

I feel all that you have given

Even in the seconds away

I miss it

It’s easy for you with me

Like the water to the earth

You are the element I need

No shame in me

With you I am freed

Allowed to fantasize

Allowed to make dreams reality

I am allowed to fly

And even then you push me to soar

Having your love tells me

I am capable of so much more

I am capable, I am able

Your love keeps me stable

I am grateful

And so I say it

Out loud

In front of any crowd

It’s only because of love

That I am right here right now

In You I Have No Doubt, No Fear Of Drought By Carl The Muse


The Greatest Gift Given, You By: Carl The Muse

I am gifted

I have more than I dreamed of

I have love

I am gifted

I am a father, I have beautiful kids

I have love

I am gifted

I have known the love of my mother, the love of my brother and many many others, most gone but the memory of lives on because….

I have love

I am gifted

I have food to eat, shelter over my head and I’m better than ok, what’s a word for feeling more than blessed? I am that

I have love

I am gifted

I am still growing, still learning, still living and still yearning for more of, to create it, to breathe it, I want my life to be it

I have love

I am gifted

Its been given to me so abundantly it’s what I bleed and it’s what my soul seeks, it’s what I need, the fuel that drives me, the only goal I seek to achieve

I want to be

To give the gift of

What I got so much of


The Greatest Gift Given, You By: Carl The Muse



Love Is Just Behind The Clouds By: Carl The Muse

A thousand times

A million miles

A trillion tries

The limit?

The skies

And even then

I’ll go above and beyond

From dusk till dawn

Weeks, months or days

Forever if that’s what it takes

Everyday I will pray

And with faith

I will wait

It’s my fate

I know it

And so I endure it

Drizzling or pouring

I know the rain

Is a temporary thing

It’s no mistake

I know the reason I await

Because soon heaven will open the gates

So don’t worry or doubt

No matter what the skies look like now

Love is just behind the clouds

Love Is Just Behind The Clouds By: Carl The Muse


When I Lose Me I Find You By: Carl The Muse

Its a thing I can’t live without this thing I’ll never ever doubt this thing I close my eyes and see The thing that occupies my dreams Its a vision it’s the brightest light it’s something that I can see even when I’m blind, it wakes me up, it takes me over, it fills me up, it takes me into the wild blue yonder, I find myself adrift caught in the wind, I find myself lifted up when I lose control and love wins.
When I Lose Me I Find You By: Carl The Muse

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