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Thankful for the calm


Be thankful for the days that you have calm because while you are fine someone is enduring a storm, pray for them to make it through and maybe someone will do the same for  you. #Sandy


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This morning as I got my #kids ready and fed them breakfast I noticed that my little girl staring at me instead of eating, so I asked why are you staring at #daddy baby? She replied because I just love you.

This #job comes with a wonderful title, bonuses and it pays well. This is true wealth.

Thank you lord for blessing me and allowing me the honor to be called daddy.

Carl Johnson II.


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Thank You

I have to share this because one thing about thoughts is they are only your own unless you share them, no other person can know what you are thinking unless you say so.

I have to tell my followers the way that it makes me feel when a post of mine gets liked. I can feel you at that moment, I feel blessed that you liked something I wrote, I feel a warmth a happiness, I feel the same way when I make money, I feel the same way when I do something right, I feel this way when I put myself in and I come out with a win. The way that it makes me feel is good and that is why to me this world is misunderstood because I misunderstand when one sets out to hurt another man, I feel bad when I do bad and when I do good I feel great so why do people live in and spread hate?

It has to be the lack of faith that they can do something good that can come out to something great because if you get joy from bad and sad then shouldn’t it be assumed that you have gone mad? The world is our of whack and I was at one point to but now that I am spreading his light and sunshine I am receiving some from you, the mirrors are reflecting the light and I feel like I am being blessed in every corner of my life.

Just my way of saying, Thank you. If there are typos sorry, I am a real person I make mistakes, help get me published and someone can edit it for me, because I surely have a floaty writers spirit when it comes to the editing and stuff but I gotta go kids are late for school!

Be blessed and Thank you.

Carl Johnson

Carl The Muse


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Speak Easy


Speak Easy

By: Carl The Muse

I used to speak too rough, too stern and too hard sometimes. I rarely noticed I was doing it when I was because the bad habit became my norm. We tend to repeat cycles of things that we experience and see and before we know it we are repeating an action that we ultimately despise.

The hard talking was one of the reasons that my wife and I were apart. it was my mistake because it destroyed our communication, It was an admission that I made to my son and I promised him I would fix it and rather than talk like that we were going to only speak like this. I learned that patience and calm rather than rage and emotion was the way to master the situation.

I started with my children, no longer did I yell when they had done something wrong. I decided to speak to them the way that I would want another person to speak to me. I do not want to be scolded when I make a mistake but if you explain to me the possible causes and effects of my actions I am more likely to respond to you. Its hard to ignore someone who is always polite, loving and respectful to you.

This was the first promise that I made and kept to my son. Today I speak to my family the way that a loving man should and even when I am frustrated my tone assures them its all good.

Its not what you say, it is how you say it, speak to people the way that you want someone to speak to you and the lesson will spread because that is what you are teaching them to do.

Speak Easy.


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Feel Free To Ask Me


You Can, Ask Me.

By: Carl The Muse

I like my family to ask me for help. I am great at fixing things, a healer a muse, even as I write this my wife just interrupted me but I kept my cool, she asked me a question and though I was deep in thought about what to say here as I am writing this I just had to do what I am about to write about to you.

I want her to come and ask me if she has a question, I want to provide them answers I want to be able to show them the way and I want to be able to provide for their needs but I can not do that unless they feel like they can speak to me.

My son often hesitated to ask me for help and I wondered why, every time he asks for help I help him and show him the way, that was not the problem though it was the way that I would sometimes respond that made him hesitate to ask it of me, it was something I was blind to in life but through him I have been able to see.

I got to see an example of this one day when my mother wanted to ask me to go and get her some food. I had already been out running errands for her and I was worn out and she knew it and she was afraid to ask me. I had to talk her into telling me what she wanted from me, eventually she told me and I went and on the drive I realized that my mother, the woman who birthed me and loved me so dearly was afraid to ask something of me.

It clicked inside of me and immediately I could see what had gotten away from me in my son, in my mother and in my wife. I made them afraid to ask me. I went back to my mothers house with her food and told her I am sorry for any moment she was ever afraid to ask me, I told her I would do for her anything she needs, because I know from her actions she would do the same for me.

I told her, I told my son and I told my wife before and after I won her back that never again would they have be afraid to ask anything of me. I promised that if I could do it I would. These are the people that love me and they would do anything for me, they are the reason I bleed rather than tell my son how to do this I show him in the way I lead. Another promise I made to my son, a battle I had lost but now that battle is won.

Never Be Afraid To Ask Me.



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In Honor Of


#Freedom Comes At A Heavy Cost, So I Bow My Head In #Honor Of Those That Serve And Those We Have Lost. #Military #Honor #Soilders #Airmen #Marines #Sailors #Police #Firemen #Coast Guardsmen


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Dinner With A View


Take Your #Wife On A #Dinner For Two And Take Her Somewhere #Beautiful Where You Can Share Two Beautiful Views, #Nature and You Two. #Love #Marriage


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