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You Ought To Be Ashamed

You Ought To Be Ashamed

By: Carl The Muse

Every thing is breaking and even though I have no way to fix it. I am aware that my life can be much worse than this.

I have endured more pain and made it safely through heavier rain, If I did it back then I can do it again. I always come back unscathed and always a lot more brave.

This is the journey of good any woman and any good man. The trick to this thing is having the faith to know you can. You either have it or you don’t, you will believe it or you won’t.

That’s called faith and it can be a really hard game but after all this practice you should be ashamed.

You should be ashamed because you always forget.

His record is perfect he has not failed you yet.


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Whatever It Takes


Whatever It takes

By: Carl The Muse

There is nothing that I won’t do when it comes to you.

No mountain, No fire, No sea that could stop me.

And I would be precise I would not do it sloppy.

I would put my target right on you and, say “Ok, God lead the way”

I would follow the light and see my way through the dark nights.

You will always know my aim is pointed to the right and also right at you. Like those good deeds, you are the other thing that I want to do.

You are an action or better yet lets say verb. You are more than just you, to me you are an action type word.

When I think of you, I think of what I want to do.

I think of what I need to do to get closer to you.

You are like words to me, once I say it! I am obligated to do it, and to do my best to bust right through it.

I am to go to the very core of your soul and when I hit the core I will have found gold.

I am pointed right at you.



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That Is Not Me On TV


Sick Of The Way TV Shows Me

By: Carl The Muse

I tried to hold it in, I really did but after watching Love and Hip Hop I cannot say anything but damn. How did it come to this?

We wanted to be like the rest of America and we got our wish. Now we have women on TV acting like Snooki.

We went from the finding the light in the struggle and enjoying the Good Times. We eventually moved on up to the apartment in the sky, it seemed like black America could do nothing but rise.

Then came the Cosby show and the motivation for education and families. This was the aim of those that wanted us portrayed on television like a people with the ability to do more than sing and dance.

We went from having an identity to simply trying to fit in, the second a people loses its identity then the downfall begins. We have lost our way and that is why you see the black America you see today.

We have always had to crossover and always felt the need to fit in, if you look at the black groups from back in the day most of the problems began as they tried to fit in.

They have lost the way and no there is a role that they are willing to play. Why play this roles that you know are old? Old and played out is the angry black woman who cannot stop talking and old is the brother that gets has women pregnant all over the place.

This is old, we have seen these stereo types for years, can we have some new trends Hollywood and television executives? Can we change too? Because no longer is the bushy haired caucasian woman or the unattractive everyday caucasian man seen on television or in the movies like we once saw.

The trends have changed and they have portrayed the single fun attractive girl and the smooth muscular man who is what represents white America in Hollywood. Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman, Sam Worthington just to name a few because I could go on forever.

The environment for a new breed of black man or woman on television or in movies is non existent, we are always shown in one of the stereo typical roles and you know what we have to stop taking those peanuts thrown our way.

Time for Bollywood in Atlanta or NYC its time for a Television revolution to me. It is time to show the other type so the masses can know what is right and and so they will notice was wrong and not push it from view because I am sick of being judged just because you look like me. I am not the type they like to show on TV.

Thanks to those that have come before but it seems once they get in Hollywood closes the door after they meet the quota they do not need any more. This is how it is and this is how it will be unless you start demanding that the ones of us on TV look like you and me.

Stop watching these silly shows and watch how fast it goes. I am willing to bet it is black folk holding up the shows that make you throw up in your throat.

We cannot demand anything while we support the very systems that hold us down and to do nothing is to do something .

You are helping! You are helping nothing change.



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Standing TALL



By: Carl The Muse

A good soul, with a whole lotta swag.

One of those who refuses to lose, Carl The Muse.

I wanna to win, so I go all the way in.

I can’t be it, if you cannot see it.

I like actions and words to come in tandem these two things cannot come at random.

This a thing that we always need, we need to hear your words and know we can believe.

I always do one thing and that is give my best because I am too confident to fail this test.

I told you I could win so I must go all the way in, I gotta prove myself because lying is a sin.

I am no sinner but I a definite winner, let me in and this whole team can win.

No I am not a superstar, I am the moon, I am just a reflection of God’s light.

I am consistent and resistant to anything that can hinder my spiritual health.

Why would I want to die when I am man with all this wealth?

I am wealthy with time and wealthy with health.

Thank you God for blessing me, Is this all you wanted is me doing good deeds?

Is all you wanted is for me to be a reflection of the light, so you could show me the way through the darkest nights?

What a simple deal and how easy was that to see, the only fool ever around is me.

I was blind to what was always mine, it was never you who was wasting time.

I always had the light I just needed to use it right, I pointed it in the right direction, hit that mirror and got a reflection.

Photo opportunities in abundance you want me to be a reflection of the light.

No more hiding and staying out of sight, while dark souls rule the world like it is their right.



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A Reflection Of His Light

A Reflection Of His Light

By: Carl The Muse

You can be looking at darkness and see nothing but light. Light shines and light dominates the dark. The light allows it to show, the light exposes what you could not otherwise see. If you are not looking at the sun and you are living behind your eye lids you will see nothing and the darkness will dominate you.

I am dark but when you look at me you see light. I am the thing that brightens up every night. I am distant but I do not look that far away I am so bright it seems I am right in your face.

The moon itself has no light, when you see the moon shining so bright the moon is doing nothing more than being a reflection of light. The moon is a mirror to the sun and the stars, as the sun lights our days the moon reflects the sun and lights our nights.

What if we could be the moon and be nothing but a reflection of light. Many of the messages from God are right in our faces to see. God is the sun and I am the moon. I have no light as bright as I may seem that is Gods light shining through me.

God hides many of his messages in plain sight, be a reflection of light and you will see your way through the darkest nights.



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My Faith Lets Me Know It

My Faith Lets Me Know

By: Carl The Muse

I got the get in where I fit in attitude. I just want in the door, I only want a second little and I will take a whole lot more, I want and inch and I will take a mile, I just want one shot. Just one chance to give all I got.

I only ask for one try because I know I will win, so give me that chance just let me in. One try, one day, one rule, one play.

That is all that I ask for I do not need much more. That one chance is the first and last dance.

I don’t ask for much all I am asking for is a try, just one opportunity to show I am your guy.

I am the one who refuses to lose. All I am willing to do is win, anything else to my soul is a sin.

One turn, One Drive, One ride, One day, One Second, One Minute that is all I need to get all the way in it.

Once you have given me the chance it is over this was the last dance, you can say checkmate because its already over I win.

Yes this is me, this is Carl The Muse. I am just one of these people that refuses to lose.

The lord often brings me down to my knees but I recover, say” God Bless you”, like the trial was a sneeze.

I have faith in the rain and the ability to abstain from activities that hurt my own wealth. My wealth in love, My wealth in life, My wealth in happiness and my wealth in self.

I believe in me the most when I know he has control of me.

I am cocky and confident when God is at my wheel, you see the ride gets great it is something you can feel.

Let Him Lead and you can go no direction but right and you can do nothing but win, the second you let him take over your victory begins.


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Build Empires And Others Will Build The Bridges




Build Empires and Others Will Build Bridges

By: Carl The Muse

There is a generation that is thinning out in front of our faces. Many of our greats are being lost and I do not know if my generation is aware but we are thinning out as well.

There are black networks on air but if you see what is going on we are no longer what is considered mainstream so no new black shows are popping up on FOX, ABC or NBC; And if you have not noticed the shows on the New black networks are Old shows that the other networks had thrown away in the vaults along with the ideas for any shows aimed at blacks.

We are no longer trending up, they say that television reflects culture. If this is the case than lots can be said. The shows that are popping up are Spanish themed, the advertising is Spanish themed. The issues being focused on in the election immigration is Spanish themed. There is a new America and Obama may be the last hurah.

Now we cannot say we have not had a Black President and at this rate you will never see another. Not with the way that this race is losing its steam.

It looks like we have peaked and no one seems to notice, for as many blacks as we think we have in power if you looked closer there are more Hispanics in positions of power by far.

I have no problem with the Spanish culture, mine could learn lots from them. This is just a statement of fact, there is one black on the supreme court and many could argue he hurts more than he helps but the fact is there is one there and that seems to be enough for us.

No fuss was made when the President went with the Hispanic woman because it was time right? It was Hispanic women that raised white babies and sat at the bottom of America forever right? The movie the help was about the struggle of Spanish women in America. That is the reason that no black woman has been appointed still it is because they have not earned it.

Then Justice Kagan the Harvard law dean, she was next she was the white woman from Harvard that had been discriminated upon all of her life because she is an obviously gay woman. She is the reward to the gay community for the churches that burnt and the kids that hung, she was put there as a way to reward the gay community for the atrocities that happened to all the gay slaves throughout America.

I guess there are no gay black female judges because he could have could two birds with one stone. But this is what happens with our culture, We bend our own culture and beliefs to fit the rest of America we are willing to do anything to get in and anything to stay there.

I thought we were supposed to have so much fight in us, no Hispanics have the fight they did not bend and they are forcing America to adapt to them. This is what comes when people unite and we used to know this.

We did not build upon the momentum that was started by many of the people who dot this list and this is just from this year. These people were not D-List black stars because a black star is a black star. They are everything that we rarely see so we notice them all.

These people were so important to us building bridges into mainstream America, the bridges were built and we could finally roam the entire land and that is what we did but many of us forgot to come back and redevelop our own land.

We get out of where we are from and we forget to come back and build upon it. We are the culture that thins out and gets weaker it seems, because every soul that is on this list should have built an empire and we should have given them the same second life that has been given to people like Betty White.

We always forget about our own, not that we even live long enough to reap the blessings of the golden years in most cases because we seem to all die real early but that is another discussion.

My generation needs to build but this time instead of building bridges to the outside we need to build some empires inside, so that when we pass the next generation can be better than the last.

The black community needs to fix the black community, black stars need to create more black stars, blacks in every field need to find someone who is like you and looks like you and show them the way, yeah we can be crabs in a bucket and all of us can pull each other up.

Gone but never forgotten.

Teach your kids about them and the others not listed here.


Sherman Hemsley – Sherman Hemsley, who played George Jefferson on The Jeffersons died at age 74. Hemsley died at his home in El Paso, Texas, police say.
Bob Babbitt – Prominent Motown studio musician and Funk Brothers member Bob Babbitt, whose bass playing pounded through the Temptations hit “Ball of Confusion” and Marvin Gaye’s “Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology),” has died. He was 74.
Lionel Batiste – Lionel Batiste, the vocalist, bass drummer and assistant leader of the Treme Brass Band, died 7/8/12. He was 81. Family and others close to Batiste were with him when he died at the Ochsner Health System’s hospital just outside New Orleans.
Rodney King – Rodney King, the man who was at the center of the infamous Los Angeles riots, was found dead 6/17/12. He was 47. According to TMZ, King’s fiancée, Cynthia Kelly, found him dead at the bottom of a swimming pool.
Yvette Wilson – Yvette Wilson died 6/14/2012 after battling cervical cancer. She was 48. The actress was best known for her role on the UPN sitcom Moesha as Andell Wilkerson. She starred in five seasons and its spinoff, The Parkers.
Herb Reed – Herb Reed, the last surviving original member of 1950s vocal group the Platters who sang on hits like “Only You” and “The Great Pretender,” died 6/4/2012 in a Boston area hospice after a period of declining health that included chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He was 83.
Belita Karen Woods – A family spokesperson has confirmed that former “Parliament-Funkadelic” and “Brainstorm” singer, Belita Karen Woods, passed away on Monday evening 5/14/2012 from heart failure. She was 64 years old.
Donna Summer – Donna Summer died Thursday morning 5/17/12 after a battle with lung cancer. Lovingly named the “Queen of Disco,” the 63-year-old was in Florida at the time of her death. The 5-time Grammy award winner rose to fame in the ’70s with hits like “Hot Stuff,” “Bad Girls” and “Love to Love You Baby.”
Chuck Brown – Chuck Brown, who styled a unique mix of funk, soul and Latin party sounds to create go-go music in the nation’s capital, has died after suffering from pneumonia. He was 75. Brown, widely acclaimed as the “Godfather of go-go” for his pioneering sound, died 5/16/12.
Jamaa Fanaka – A filmmaker who had considerable success in 1979 with “Penitentiary,” the first movie he made after graduating from film school, but who claimed to have been blacklisted afterward for raising questions about the dearth of jobs for black directors in Hollywood, died from complications of diabetes on April 1 in LA. He was 69.
Whitney Houston – Sources reports that Whitney Houston’s body was found in her room at the Beverly Hilton hotel by her bodyguard. Attempts to resuscitate the singer were made by emergency personnel but she did not respond.
David Peaston – Sources close to R&B/gospel singer David Peaston are confirming the St. Louis native has died. Peaston died on 2/1/2012 from diabetes complications. He was 54. Peaston’s longtime battle with diabetes led to the amputation of both his legs, beginning with his right leg in 2004.
Don Cornelius – Don Cornelius who came into the living rooms of many Americans with his funky, groovy dance show “Soul Train” died early 2/1/2012 of an apparent suicide. He was 75. Don considered a visionary and pioneer by many helped break down racial barriers and broaden the reach of black culture.  In Memory Of…
Etta James – Etta James, the powerhouse singer who combined blues, gospel and R&B and emerged as a major star in the ’50s and ’60s, died after a long battle with leukemia. According to CNN, the sad news was confirmed by her friend and manager, Lupe De Leon. She was 73.
Jimmy Castor – Funk legend Jimmy Castor dies in Las Vegas at 71, Jimmy Castor, a New York funk and soul saxophonist, singer and songwriter whose tune, “It’s Just Begun,” morphed over 40 years into an anthem for generations of hip-hoppers and mainstream musical acts, died of apparent heart failure in a Las Vegas hospital.


Barry White   Age: 58
Grammy Award–winning R&B singer and disco icon known for his lush baritone bass voice. His soulful, seductive songs include “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe” and “You’re the First, the Last, My Everything.” Barry Died: Los Angeles, July 4, 2003
Bobby Bonds   Age: 57
All-Star baseball player who, in his 14 seasons in the major leagues, hit 332 home runs and stole 461 bases. He played for the San Francisco Giants for seven years. His son is slugger Barry Bonds. Bobby Died: San Francisco, Aug. 23, 2003
Idi Amin   Age: 80
Human rights groups estimate that Idi Amin ordered the deaths of about 300,000 people. Amin was ousted in 1979, and died in exile in Saudi Arabia. Idi Amin Died: Jidda, Saudi Arabia, Aug. 16, 2003
Nell Carter  Age: 54
Flamboyant singer and actress who won a Tony and an Emmy Award for her performance in Ain’t Misbehavin’. She starred in the television series Gimme a Break! Nell Died: Beverly Hills, Calif., Jan. 23, 2003
Althea Gibson   Age: 76
Althea was a professional tennis player who was the first black person to play in and win Wimbledon and the United States national tennis championship. She won both tournaments twice, in 1957 and 1958. Althea Died: East Orange, N.J., Sept. 28, 2003
Maynard Jackson   Age: 65
Influential former mayor of Atlanta, Ga., who transformed the city into a power base for the black middle class by advocating for the city’s black majority and establishing affirmative-action programs. Maynard Died: Arlington, Va., June 23, 2003
Nina Simone (Eunice Kathleen Waymoa)   Age: 70
Sultry chanteuse whose difficult-to-classify music combined jazz, classical, folk, and gospel. A civil rights activist, she recorded “Mississippi Goddam” after the murder of Medgar Evers. Nina Died: Carry-le-Rouet, France, April 21, 2003
Edwin Starr  Age: 61
Soul singer best known for his Grammy-winning 1970 hit, “War.” Edwin Died: Nottingham, England, April 2, 2003
Gregory Hines   age 57
Dancer Gregory Hines, the tap-dancing actor who starred on Broadway and in movies including White Nights and Running Scared, died of cancer on the 9th of August 2003.
Fred Berry  Age: 52
Actor Fred Berry, best known as “Rerun” on the 1970s TV show “What’s Happening!!”, died, Oct 2003.


Eartha Kitt    Age: 81
Eartha Kitt, a sultry singer, dancer and actress who rose from South Carolina cotton fields to become an international symbol of elegance and sensuality died 12/25/08. Andrew Freedman said Kitt, who was recently treated at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, died Thursday in Connecticut of colon cancer.
Freddie Hubbard    Age: 70
Influential jazz trumpeter Freddie Hubbard died in Los Angeles on 12/29/08.Hubbard, who played alongside legendary figures such as John Coltrane, McCoy Tyner, Art Blakey and Herbie Hancock, passed away in a Sherman Oaks, California hospital following complications from a heart attack suffered the previous month.
Rudy Ray Moore    Age: 81
Rudy Ray Moore, a raunchy 1970s comedian who played the title role of a flashy pimp in the movie Dolemite and influenced a generation of rappers, died 10/19/08. He was 81. Moore died Sunday evening at an Akron nursing home from complications of diabetes, said his brother, Gerald Moore.
Odetta    Age: 77
Odetta, the folk singer with the powerful voice who moved audiences and influenced fellow musicians for a half-century died on 12/2/08. Odetta died of heart disease at Lenox Hill Hospital, said her manager of 12 years, Doug Yeager.
Earl Palmer    Age: 84
Earl Palmer, the session drummer whose pioneering backbeats were recorded on such classics as Little Richard’s “Tutti Frutti” and The Righteous Brothers’ “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’,” died 9/19/08 after fighting a lengthy illness.
Levi Stubbs    Age: 72
Four Tops lead singer Levi Stubbs, who possessed one of the most dynamic and emotive voices of all the Motown singers, died 10/17/08 at 72. He had been ill recently and died in his sleep at the Detroit house he shared with his wife, said Dana Meah, the wife of a grandson.
Isaac Hayes    Age: 65
Isaac Hayes, the baldheaded, baritone-voiced soul crooner who laid the groundwork for disco and whose “Theme From Shaft” won both Academy and Grammy awards, died 8/10/08 in the afternoon after he collapsed near a treadmill, authorities said. He was 65.
Gene Upshaw    Age: 63
Gene Upshaw, the Hall of Fame guard who during a quarter century as union head helped get NFL players free agency and the riches that came with it, died on 8/20/08 at his home near California’s Lake Tahoe, of pancreatic cancer.
Dwight White    Age: 58
Dwight White, the Steel Curtain defensive end known as “Mad Dog” who helped lead the Pittsburgh Steelers to four Super Bowl titles in the 1970s, died 6/6/08, following complications from back surgery. He was 58.
Bernie mac    Age: 50
Bernie Mac, an Emmy and Golden Globe nominated actor and comedian, died suddenly 8/09/08 at age 50 of complications from pneumonia.The comedian suffered from sarcoidosis, an inflammatory lung disease that produces tiny lumps of cells in the body’s organs, but had said the condition went into remission in 2005.
Al Wilson    Age: 68
Al Wilson, the soul singer and songwriter who had a number of 1970s hits including “Show and Tell,” died 4/21/08. Wilson died of kidney failure at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Fontana, according to his son, Tony Wilson of Yucaipa.
Bo Diddley    Age: 79
Bo Diddley, a founding father of rock ‘n’ roll whose distinctive “shave and a haircut, two bits” rhythm and innovative guitar effects inspired legions of musicians, died 6/2/08, after months of ill health. He was 79.
Ivan Dixon    Age: 76
Ivan Dixon, an actor and director who was best known for playing Sgt. James Kinchloe on the 1960s sitcom “Hogan’s Heroes” but whose films included vivid portrayals of black struggles in the American South and insurrectionist inclinations in the North, died 3/16/08 from complications of kidney disease.
Sean Levert    Age: 39
Sean Levert, a third of the 1980s R&B trio LeVert and son of lead O’Jays singer Eddie Levert, died 3/30/08 after falling ill while serving a jail term. He was 39. Authorities said Monday that an autopsy was inconclusive but foul play was ruled out.
Johnnie Carr    Age: 97
Johnnie Carr, who joined childhood friend Rosa Parks in the historic Montgomery bus boycott and kept a busy schedule of civil rights activism up to her final days, died 2/22/08. She was 97. She had been hospitalized after a stroke Feb. 11.
Buddy Miles    Age: 60
Buddy Miles, a drummer who played with Jimi Hendrix and sang in the claymation commercials featuring the California Raisins in the 1980s, died 2/26/08. He was 60. Miles, who had been suffering from congestive heart failure, di


Howard Tate – Howard Tate, one of soul music’s shining voices, died 12/02/2011, succumbing to lung cancer after a long battle. He was 72.
Patrice O’Neal – Veteran stand-up comic Patrice O’Neal, who expanded his following through TV and radio, died 11/29/2011 in a New York-area hospital from complications of a stroke he suffered last month. He was 41.
Heavy D, the large-and-in-charge rhymer who rose to fame with a string of hits in the late ’80s and early ’90s, has died in Los Angeles on 11/08/2011. He was 44. , the rapper was reportedly rushed to the hospital around noon, and pronounced dead a short time later.
Joe Frazier, who died 11/7/2011, after a brief battle with liver cancer at the age of 67, will forever be linked to Ali. But no one in boxing would ever dream of anointing Ali as The Greatest unless he, too, was linked to Smokin’ Joe.
Fred Shuttlesworth, who survived bombings, beatings and that 1963 encounter with the fire hose that left him with chest injuries, in the civil rights movement died 10/05/11 at 89 at Princeton Baptist Medical Center in Birmingham.
Jessy Dixon, a gospel legend and major influence on generations of soul singers, died at the age of 73 in his Chicago home, NPR reports. According to the New York Times, Dixon had been ill for several years but his family has declined to reveal the cause of death.
Vesta Williams Big-voiced R&B diva Vesta Williams, perhaps best-known for her 1980s hits Don’t Blow A Good Thing& and Congratulations, has been found dead of a possible drug overdose 9/22/10 in a Southern California. She was 53 years old.
Nick Ashford, one-half of the legendary Motown songwriting duo Ashford & Simpson that penned elegant, soulful classics for the likes of Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye and funk hits for Chaka Khan and others, died 8/22/11 at age 70, from throat cancer.
Former NFL star Bubba Smith, who went from feared defensive end on the field to endearing giant in his successful second career as an actor, died 8/3/11. He was 66. LA coroner’s spokesman Ed Winter said Smith was found dead at his Baldwin Hills home. Cause of death unknown.
Delois Barrett Campbell, a member of the award-winning Barrett Sisters trio who electrified audiences worldwide with their powerful gospel harmonies, died 8/2/11. She was 85. Campbell died at a Chicago hospital after a long illness, daughter Mary Campbell said.
John Mackey    Age: 69
John Mackey revolutionized the tight end position, his incomparable ability to catch passes off the line of scrimmage. The Hall of Famer for the Baltimore Colts died at age 69. No cause was given.
Clarence Clemons,   Age: 69
a defining musical influence behind the sound of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, died 6/18/2011 of complications from a stroke. He was 69. Clemons died at a hospital in Palm Beach, Florida.
Clarice Taylor, who played Bill Cosby’s mother on The Cosby Show, died 5/30/11 at age 93. She succumbed to heart failure and was surrounded by family when she passed.
Gil Scott-Heron, a U.S. poet and songwriter credited with helping inspire the development of rap music, died at age 62, on 5/27/11. The Chicago-born artist was called the “Godfather of Rap.
Phoebe Snow    Age: 60
Grammy-nominated singer Phoebe Snow — famous for her 1970s hit “Poetry Man” — passed away 4/26/2011 from complications of a brain hemorrhage.
Urban radio and TV personality DJ Megatron, who built a career at hip-hop and R&B radio stations from Philadelphia to Boston and told viewers of a popular music TV show “What’s Good,” was shot to death 3/27/2011 his manager and police said.
Loleatta Holloway    Age: 64
Disco singer Loleatta Holloway, known for the 1980 hit “Love Sensation,” died 3/21/2011. Her manager, Ron Richardson, says Holloway died of heart failure at a suburban Chicago hospital.
Pinetop Perkins    Age: 97
Pinetop Perkins, one of the last old-school bluesmen who played with Muddy Waters and became the oldest Grammy winner this year, died 3/21/11 at his home of cardiac arrest. He was 97. The piano man played with an aggressive style and sang with a distinctive gravelly voice.
Nate Dogg    Age: 41
Singer Nate Dogg, whose near monotone crooning anchored some of rap’s most seminal songs and helped define the sound of West coast hip-hop, has died. Nate Dogg, whose real name was Nathaniel D. Hale, died of complications from multiple strokes.
Gladys Horton    Age: 66
Gladys Horton, a co-founder of the Marvelettes who helped put fledgling Motown Records on the musical map with its first No. 1 hit “Please Mr. Postman,” died 1/26/2011 at a nursing home in L.A. Ca. where she had been recovering from a stroke.




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