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Dreaming and living and hoping for love by Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)

I am trying to get better

I don’t want to even harm a bug

I want to be restraint

I want to be compassion

I want to be love

I want to live in it

I want to live it

I want to receive it as much as I give it

I want to use my gifts

I want my words to uplift

I want to fish for souls

I want to know the way to go

I want to be humble

I want to be truth

I don’t want to put on a show

I want to be better than I ever was before

I want to give more and more and more

I want to give it from my heart from my core

I don’t want to question anything

I don’t want my faith shaken anymore

I want to do it like an honor not like a chore

I want to fly but I want to flap my wings hard

I am willing to try

I don’t want to live in fear

I don’t want to move like I am stuck in gear

I want to flow freely

I want to catch a cool gentle breeze

I want my eyes to do more than see

I want possibility is the only thing in front of me

Either that or the open seas

I know what I am saying

God knows these words by heart because I am also actively praying

I want the energy to shine as bright as a star

Bright enough to show you where you are

I want to know the direction

I want to know the words and the methods to teach the lessons

Let me be the umbrella

Let me know what to do in the stormy weather

Let me be the lighthouse

Let me hold it together

A strong tower

An example of your power for any of your doubters

I don’t need much

Just to be surrounded in love

Even if I had three wishes

That’s all I would think of

Because love is all my heart can think of

No matter how hard it try it’s all I can think up

If love is a drink

Consider me drunk

I am drinking it up

Dreaming and living and hoping for love by Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)


Just singing my souls song on this night

In the distance I can see the rewards that await me, I am starving now but soon I will feast, the hungry will eat, the evil ones will soon taste defeat, they will be taken up, the light will clear the streets and at the middle ground is where the hearts will meet. The strong will teach the weak and the weak will teach the strong harmony is what it will be as we sing the same song, everything will be righted no more wrongs, no more dark times just moonlit nights and days in the sun, no more battles they have been fought, no need for a compass there is no way to be lost, the whole world becomes a playground when love is what surrounds you, like a tree rain I embrace the seasons and the change, even when I seem to be going insane, I’m aware that’s just my brain, my spirit knows just what’s happening, it knows how it all goes, it’s when I walk by faith and close my eyes that I find my way, it’s when I shut up that I find the words to say, and when I stop moving fast, I find time to meditate, I find my third eye when I embrace, everything that’s going on, everything that’s happened , I am thankful for the rough times that let me know, I could make it through a crash and survive, I thankful for death because of it I know life, I know how to enjoy the days as well as nights, I know how to let it flow freely and not just keep it all inside of me, as I ramble on thinking about life and all the goings on. Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse )


Love Is On The Line By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)

I can see you 

I always could 

It was instantly that I knew 

I heard my soul utter the words 

And when I tried to ignore 

That is when I heard it even more 

It seems I have no choice 

Its near impossible to not answer 

When you hear an angelic voice 

The second I heard it I entered the race 

To take no place but first 

I am willing to do the time 

Willing to put in the work 

I am willing to traverse the desert 

I feel it in my belly 

I feel it deep

And I intend to keep it 

I intend to swing 

And will not miss 

Not for this 

I am a pro 

I was just waiting for the call 

So I would know what direction to go 

I will do more than just follow the flow 

I will be the water 

I will be a source of life 

And those that want to know what love is 

Come look me in the eyes 

And maybe our souls can share 

The best gift that we have inside 

The best thing you could ever get 

Love Is On The Line By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)



What a man and woman walking in love together can do By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)

I choose love 

Its all I ever wanted 

Its all I could ever think of 

From the first time I made a girl smile 

I thought to myself

I could do this for a while 

I made a habit of it 

Became a master of it

Loving the soul of another 

And the ability to see it is my gift 

Its what I have done 

I can say 

I have never set out at a woman 

To do harm 

No inside

For a woman

I keep a place in my arms 

Against my body its always warm 

Always safe from the rain or the storms 

Rest easy here you will face no harm 

I proudly got this 

To me a woman is a gift 

I am protection, guidance 

And I define affection 

I love all there is about a woman 

The feminine nature of a lady speaks

To the masculine that is me 

It wakes me up 

Suddenly I feel 

I have the rabbits foot 

All the luck 

Not because of me 

Because of her 

What can make a boy feel butterflies 

Like a girl

That he

Thinks the world of 

Its the best feeling 

For a broken me 

A womans touch 

Is instant healing 

I learned early 

How to love a girl 

It started with me loving my momma 

She was my world 

It was with her that I learned 

Just what a man is to do 

How a woman is earned 

How to build a relationship

I was taught how to follow

So that one day 

I would captain the ship 

I navigate it well 

And though my strength can be blunt

I still know how pass through 

Without bridges being burnt 

When a woman is loving me 

The whole paradox around me 


I become free 

A womans touch 

A womans kiss 

The smell of a woman 

How could a man not miss 

I want it forever 

I want to bathe in the mist 

Its where I set my mind 

Its where I cannot take my eyes away from 

I think I started at one 

Anyways It was 

At a very young age 

Feels like instantly 

Before I had seen the world 

The thought of dominated my days 

I knew that my fuel would be the love of a girl 

I knew that 

It would whisk me away 

If I am ever on a hunt 

The treasure I want 

Is to be trusted with your heart 

Allow me to audition

And its my part 

I am more than a novice at it 

I am reinventing the art 

Allow me to show you 

Just what I know to be true 

Let me show you 

What a man and woman walking in love together can do By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)



When you follow the map God has put in your soul By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)

When you think you are alone 

That is when 

You will be swept on 


Before you knew it 

You will have no choice 

You will have to choose it 

You may try 

But you will not be able to refuse it 

Like a flash of light 


Brightness will cover your life 

You first must believe 

Do what you need to

Do some house cleaning 

Act ready 

Hold it steady 

Even if it gets heavy 

You give it every 

Every inch of what you got left 

No reason you do it is ever petty

You live it and be proud of it

Because before you know 

You will be swept away 

And into its flow 

Taking you places you knew in your soul 

You would go 

And it will not be a one time shot 

It will be everything 

It has not 

You will be welcome back for more


You know its coming 

You feel that in your core 

So live your life 

Like you are sure

That you are sure 

The world will soon be yours to explore

Get your entire being ready for the tour 

Get ready to show 

Just how far 

Faith and patience go 

You will reap the rewards from seeds you planted 

And you won’t even know 

You will find that jet stream 

And you will go 

All this time 

You thought you were going out of your mind 

But little do you know 

You are doing just fine 

You just get ready for the call 

Make sure you clear the line 

And when you answer 


Let it shine 

Let them know 

Just where you can end up 

When you follow the map God has put in your soul By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)



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Mistaken Blinded Faked Not My Fate By: Carl The Muse

I made it

Tried to save it 

But it has gone down the drain 

Its all changed 

Washed away in an instance 

No resistance 

But from me 

Now I see 


I am loose 


I said it aloud 

I knew it was going down 

I knew I would make it through 


I never did give 

I tried not to quit 

But the whole target is broken 

I only shoot and miss 

Tired of this

Still I tried 

Tried to save it 

And still 

It died in front of my eyes 

The story is being told and while I write some words 

I do not have all of the control 

I am just here

Trying my best to live 

Because no matter the turmoil 

I know my life is a gift 

Its what I have 

Its what I can give away 

But I cannot take back 

Not a moment of my time 

And wasting it like this 

Has me far out of my mind 

Far away from myself 

Out here in the darkness 

Crying for help 

I have never been lost 

Or so I thought 

Maybe all this time 

I thought I was headed the right way 

I was not 

But I know how to change 

Readjust my aim 

I am not the type 

To keep shooting and missing 

Mistaken Blinded Faked Not My Fate By: Carl The Muse




Every step

Every move

Every breath I take

Every mistake I make

Every step I take to fix it

Every time I try like hell not to forget

Every moment I try not to slip

Every time I try to be perfect

For you its worth it

Its the same

I would go insane

And everything in the world could change

But at the core of me

It will be the same

That eternal flame

It continues to combust in my soul

It continues to take me places

I did not know I could go

It makes me move

Its all because of you

Everything Is

I don’t even try to deny


You are my truth

You, You and Again You

I will type it, say it, sing it, pray it

Live it breathe it, walk it, talk it

And until I die I will not stop it

All of me

The best version of me

That is what I am offering

Allow me to be used

Allow me to be your muse

Allow me to be the spark to light your fuse

I will be the answer that you knew you knew


Never question

My love for you


Why I do what I do

The answer will always be the same

As long as I am in this body carrying this name

And even in death I believe

This love will remain

The days come and the days go

But life has a constant flow

Just as sure as we rise with the sun

You will be

My one

I am the earth and you are my sun

And if death ever does come too soon

I will watch over you in the light

And I will shine the same brightness over you at night

I will be your moon

Get thirsty

I will be your water too

Your nourishment

My whole life

My body, my mind

My soul is yours

I am a baby in your arms

This love is for your to behold

I am for you to hold

For you

I put it on the line

I would give it all to you every dime

And every second of my time

And If it ends and I get the chance

I would do it one more time

In fact I take that back

I would do it one million times

For you

I have not yet found my limit

Who knows

With you

Everything is possible

Its all plausible

To infinity and beyond



For my love

My bestfriend

Hear me……


Everything and anything you dream

I will do my best to make it reality my queen

The best dream I could have ever had

The best life that I knew

The one where I loved and lived my life with you

You are more than a dream come true

You are my fantasy


My Love My Only Truth, Why I Do What I Do By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)

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