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Breaking Free Of This Line/Mind By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)


You are the one who rolls with the thought

You go with it when you know you ought not

You know just where you will end up

Caught and out of luck

You know what is down that road

But still that is the direction you often choose to go

Its not like you don’t know

Its not like you are four

You know better 

But you get lost in your own abyss

And far too often you swing and miss

And as a result you end up like this

You have learned something over all this time

And still you act like the answer is hard to find

You know the rules of life

But you keep getting disqualified from the fight

You know the rule is to leave the past behind

But still you refuse and live in rewind

You know its impossible to do

But still you do it

You try to refute the obvious truth

You have not learned to refuse your own thoughts

You already know the result

And still you bite

When you know you ought not

With you

I am always watching

The same movie

With the same script

With the same cast

You are the only reason

This is not all in the past

You could move on from here

You could take over your mind

You could pause right now 

And slow down the time

See that you have been here before

And even when facing imminent defeat

You won the war

You could push forward and out of rewind

And you could avoid ever again being caught on this line

To never again go in rewind

Break free of your thoughts

And get off this line

Get into your life

And out of your mind

Breaking Free Of This Line/Mind By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)



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My Turn To Chauffeur You By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)


I always knew

Without a doubt

I could depend on you

I always knew you would tell me the truth

I knew you loved me that I cannot refute

You have been the constant in my life

When I could not see

You were my eyes

You explained to me the depth of how and why I feel

You explained to me what makes fake fake and real real

You taught me that faith could seal any deal

You taught me the details of it all

You taught me how to rise from the falls

For as long as I knew life

I had you by my side 

My northern star

Gone away but never too far

I only need to look to my side

And I know where you are

The same place you have always been

Moving me in the right direction like the wind

This isn’t nearly the end

So tell me your orders momma

So we can begin

Where now do you want to go

I’ll do the driving

I just need to know

You get in the passenger seat

From now on you follow my lead

You drove for years

Now you can ride with me

My Turn To Chauffeur You By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)






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Between Me And You By: Carl The Muse (Carl Johnson II)


I sit and I ponder

I have faith but my mind wanders

I admit I worry sometimes

I think too much

I get lost in my mind

Because I have a pain that will not heal with time

My mother has fallen

And made her rise

And now my brother is in a fight for his life

Even though its day

It feels like the dead of night

I can normally see clearly but sometimes tears cloud up my sight

It gets hard to see

And suddenly it feels as if the sky has opened up on me

Its feels like suddenly I have run out of luck

My mind says give up

My soul shouts, NO!

Because the truth is

I know

I know I need the storms to fuel the growth

I am just a seed

 Trying to become a tree

Its just hard when I look up and you are no longer where you used to be

No more being saved from the hot days and rain by your shade

You have gone and now I must take your place

I must withstand winds

And build the foundation upon faith

And just like you I am to show my seeds the way

I am to do the same and prepare them for this day

I am to teach them to love and how to articulate the words to say

I am to show them as you showed me how to live with grace

If ever I look as if I have doubt on my face know that I know the way

I am just somewhere deep inside calling upon my faith

Sometimes I end up too long lost and its my fault because I pay the cost

I have no excuse

I do have a clue

And doubting and wondering is no way to miss you

Because inside I know what is coming I know the truth

I might as well prepare

And act like I know its there

I can feel the winds of change

No reason for me to be playing a guessing game

Smile and say thank you even through this weather

Be happy and proud that you have had the strength to hold it together

Because you know that when it storms

It always gets better

Do you feel that feeling that you feel in your heart?

That spark means you are an inferno just waiting to start

Go ahead and stand up

Speak the truth and do not shut up

Let the world be bright even at night

Be like the moon reflect the light

Spread love to the world around you

Be open to the love of others and let them astound you

Make those you meet be glad that they found you

Show them that a man is supposed to rise above

Show them that a real man is driven by love

Be the man who tends to the farm

Be the man who is not deceptive with charm

There are so many lessons that my momma has taught to me

And as I sit here and write its like she and I begin to speak

As I sat here and wrote out my truth to you

I realized that my momma lives in the words that I write as Carl The Muse

I wanna write more but its finished

And I can feel it in my core

This is one of the moments in prayer

Where I come out better than I was before

Between Me And You By: Carl The Muse (Carl Johnson II)




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Rushing Into Cruise By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)


Life is not a battle against the wind

If it was you could not win

If you are racing against time

You might as well give in

The pace will stay the same

And if you try to change it

The only place you will go is insane

Stop trying to beat time and win a rigged game

Doing it fast or easy should not be your aim

Nor should fortune

Or the conventional kind of fame

But it is possible to make a mark

You can start a fire you can be that spark

You can make the world remember your name

You can spread love and make them all glad you came

Life is no war

Life is no game

Life is a lesson

Life is a blessing

Life is a question that will keep you guessing

Life is everything you see

Life is everyone that crosses you and me

Life is the person on the other end of the phone

Life is the voices you hear on the other side of the door when you come home

Life is the love that you feel by your side

Life is that rush of air you feel inside

Life is to be lived day by day

Take your time find the details

And find the way

That is how you will find your place

The faster you move the more time you will lose

So the smart thing is to get some momentum behind you

And then put this thing in cruise

This is the message a Bird sent Carl The Muse

Rushing Into Cruise By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)



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Ony Any Given Night By: Carl The Muse


When I Look Up At Night

I Can See Your Light

No Matter Where I Am In The World

I Can See The Same Beautiful Sight

Carl The Muse


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Under The Light By: Carl The Muse


On This Night, Under The Moonlight

I Hope You Will Make A Choice

That Will Determine The Rest Of My Life

Will You Be My Wife?

Carl The Muse


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My Momma On My Mind By: Carl The Muse (Carl Johnson II)


The lessons that I have learned in this life have been such a blessing because I am always in situations where they apply. It is lessons that I have learned in life that have prepared me for pain,victory, darkness and light. Being a daddy has made me a man it has made me take the right positions and make the right stands.

I take care of the seemingly little and mundane things and its when I am helping take care of someone else that my heart sings its then that it finds its melody, its when I am no longer walking and I start flying, I spread my wings.

When I am loving I am being just who I was supposed to be, I can speak too much love to ever let venom spew from me. I taught my son a lesson this morning because like his dad he is going to be prince charming, its good to be the man who can make a chilly heart start warming, its good to be the calm when the storm starts swarming. Its good to be the safe place from harm, it feels good when people want to run to your arms.

I told him the importance of the words you say, I told him you have to be the man to make the effort to brighten a woman’s day, I told him you only need to watch to find the words to say.

My little girl had just come to me because she knew if she showed me she would get a response from her daddy. It was the same sense of pride my momma instilled in me, this was another chance for me to be a branch of her tree and provide the same kind of shade to my seed.

I gave my baby the kind of love and attention that was given to me and it was not hard it comes naturally and as a result I am growing another fruit tree another something sweet another thing providing the world shelter, air and food to eat.

It lit me up inside as she walked towards me she had a smile that was impossible to hide. It was the anticipation she had because she knew the situation and this was memory driving her not manipulation she knew what her daddy would say. That’s why she had the smile on her face and I gladly did just what she knew I would, I told her she was beautiful, I told her she was wonderful, I told her she is everything good.

I made her know how I feel and I do it consistently so that she never doubts its real. I show my kids the words I say. I speak them and then I go live them in front of their faces.

I show them exactly how to love and I am not guessing, I had my momma to teach me and show me this lesson. Now I am teaching mine and as a result I am keeping my momma alive. I am sending her message on down the line, extending the whole families time.

Just a thought as I sit on my couch and think about life and try to figure it all out.

My Momma On My Mind By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)



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