The Love Crazy Man By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)

04 Feb


I often sit and think about love the greatest gift given from above. I feel that through love I can do all things and I am always excited by the feelings love can bring. Oh to me love is such a wonderful thing.

My wife and I have explored the depths of love and we have done things together that other couples would only dream of. We aren’t perfect because we once failed to see our gift because since the day we met we have been living with it and when it is so steady it is the thing you often forget.

So I have decided that like a child on Christmas I will play with this and when I can I’ll stay up all night with it.

Its a beautiful wonderful glorious thing

The love, The light

And the clarity it brings

The world to me is such a beautiful thing

Its filled with love and examples of what faith in love can bring

Like the storms that some times bring us pain

It is in the struggle that we find the faith to push through

And ultimately gain

Childbirth can be seen as the same

The man does not get a free pass because once a child is born he must build something meant to last, so that they are prepared for the storm the next time it passes and in the cold he is to be the warmth.

He is the farmer over the seeds he is to watch over the crops and keep the garden free of weeds. When love is present it will make you believe and you will sprout up just like a seed and with love you too will build a garden minus the weeds.

If you have love in your life let love take the lead if you have doubt in what you think is love that’s called a weed.

Quickly get rid of them and do it now!

Chop of that dead limb

Get yourself free because inside you know there is somewhere better for you to be

Real love will take you away

It may come night or day

When love is present love dominates

At least that is how it happens with me

It often takes over my mind and I lose track of time all the time

When love calls

  I am on the line

Hanging on every moment trying to reach overtime

Give me the penalty

I will gladly pay the fine

Straight cash homie

And love won’t even owe me

I can’t hide it

I am an addict

And I want more of it

I want it to surround me

Take over my lungs and slowly drown me

No I am not struggling

I let love take over

I don’t even fight

Unless love is the queen then you can call me first knight

Wherever she goes I am right on her side

You see the thought of love makes me wander

I go from here to there and then out into the wild blue yonder

Its hard to keep it all inside the lines

When you are bursting at the seems with pride

How could I?

I made an Angel smile

You see love is a thing

I can go on and on about

I could stay here for awhile

 I can weave in and out

Seeming to make no sense at all

But I am wrapping you in what flows through the soul of Carl

Always dreaming about love


The one thing I cannot get enough of

I get turned on by the thought

I roll with it when I ought not

Its a battle I have often fought

And the result was the same

I often lost

I never learned

If there was a lesson to be taught

I do what love tells me to do

Love is the boss

No need to ask which side I chose in a coin toss

I know where to stand

In this fan club

I am the number one fan

Love is the thing I am always trying to expand

I cannot stop and stopping is not part of the plan

I cannot diagnose it

And my wife understands

We have come to the conclusion

Of what I am

She says it works for her

And that’s why she lets me be

The Love Crazy Man By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)



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