We are abusing our gifts. By: Carl The Muse

05 Dec


We are abusing our gifts

By: Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)

I was thinking on the way to take my kids to the doctor about the blessing of even being able to do it. I realize that this simple thing is a huge gift.  I explained to my son the depth in the gift, what insurance means and what it provides you with.

I realized something then that I must share with you and it need to say it because it is the truth. Healthcare should be free. No person should die because they are in need. Not in a world where there is so much wealth. If I could heal you I would do it for free and I would do it myself. I think some doctors would do the same but the rules have changed and that is not how you play the health care game.

But think of it like this, life is not something you are guaranteed; Its simply a gift that you continue to get. If you have the capability and ability to heal and save life with your life, you are giving the gift you get right? Isn’t that a reason for you to keep receiving it?

I am tired of strong people expecting others to do it just because you can. And pretending to be the ones who love God. Understand this God is charity, God gives and gave everything to you and me. The last breath that you took you didn’t earn it, it was a gift.

God made you, and he got you through, he has always given you a way and continues to give you new days.Your wealth, your power, that last breath was not you, it was a blessing given to you.

Who came up with the idea anyway? They decided that since people just so happen to get sick you find a cure and then tell them that they have to pay you to get it? That must have been one of the first capitalist. My belief? The more I give the more I get. I got a gift and I will share it.

I mean think about that, someone some where has enough money to operate a company that makes medicines that could cure aliments that are killing people all over the world and yet still some of the most basic forms of medicine are unavailable to the poor. How is that possible? Because we are charging people to maintain our very gift, life is fragile and people have found a way to profit even off of this.

Its goes to show that anything can be used for bad, even our gifts. Unfortunately freewill came with it and we have the option to do bad, some take it. I do this with it, they do that. This is where I am. Where are you at?

Good people know where to stand, they do not play nomads and move from land to land. They are consistent in how they live. They live life in service of others, they live to give. Humanity lost its way the moment someone decided that self profit was the way.

God gave everything to man, we did not pay for one drop of water or earn one grain of sand. It was just part of what came with the gift God gave to man.

Its time for good men to make a stand and time for people to stop profiting off of man. Profit should come from service to your fellow man.

I am building a business a different way and I am making that declaration out loud today. I will build up by lifting up my fellow man. If we keep lifting each other up we will always have a place to stand.

Above the clouds like stars in the sky would could spread sunshine and spread God’s loving light.

I will do my part and try to tip the scales because the way we are headed right now it cannot end well.

Is there a real life Teddy Rist? I don’t know but I know I am trying my best to be some version of it.

Good people need to stand up and do something about this.

We are abusing our gifts.




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One response to “We are abusing our gifts. By: Carl The Muse

  1. lala1966

    December 5, 2012 at 1:27 PM

    sadly the principiles of God are forgotten in this modern world. In every area it seems that the name of the game is “what I can get for me”, even in the medical field.


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