Just Live And Love And It Will Surely Come, I Promise By: Carl The Muse


Reaching for the stars

I want every bit of it

I want it all

Does that make me greedy

Is that what it’s called

When you want something

So much that you always want more

It’s the high you are always reaching for

To have that feeling to know your worth

To have butterflies with a thought

To be called because someone wants to hear you talk

To know someone should be sleeping but they stay up

They need to go to work but for you
It’s a sick call

For you there are no boundaries

No walls

Finding it seems like an order that’s very tall

But impossible to those that believe in it’s power

It’s not

It’s something you call to you by your actions

Not something to be caught

It’s the light that guided you in the darkest times in the empty ness the abyss that is the dark

For it will never leave you lost

It will never leave you in the cold

Once it appears you will never again face it alone

When it shows up and sends electricity to your soul

The current will awaken the dormant corners again

And you will be whole

Because when it comes

You will be full

The energy and strength that comes with

Says that you can do anything

God has given you the ultimate gift

So keep giving it

And get yourself ready

Be the best you then

Because when you least expect

That’s when it will swoop in

Just Live And Love And It Will Surely Come, I Promise By: Carl The Muse

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Faith Is The Thing In Life You Better Find By: Carl The Muse

I need to pull it in before I project it out

I cannot do a thing outside

When things are not right in my house

I can’t live an illusion

I refuse to live in doubt

It seems the negative thoughts

I need to shake right now

It seems they have no place

In the presence of faith

I need to get up and fish for the souls

That I am to show the way to be safe

And saved

I have to follow the wind and slow down the pace

And when I hear the voice of God say go it’s off to the races

And I’ll hear him clearly there will be no room for the messages to be mistaken or forsaken

This is a mission I am on, mission control is already taping it

So I know what I need to do

I know which way to go

It’s why I’m headed to where I told my mom I would live somehow

Well God and my momma says the moment is now

It’s why you are headed from the beaches of the Floridians coast to plant your newest seeds

High up in the sky as high as the highest clouds or maybe at the top of pikes peak or the Rockies in the place my soul knew since elementary school for no reason at all but I understand now that it’s my faith in God that’s led me to this great state the like to call Colorado

You can spell Carl from Colorado!

What’s there for me, only God knows

But I am not worried he puts on a show

Every time

My mind

Is blown

Every time

I foolishly doubt

I end up in a corner sitting in the corner like a clown

But I have finally figured it out

When all else fades away

The thing you can lean on

Is that action word

Faith is a verb

It defines who you are everyday

Even where there seems to be no way out


It should grow stronger every day

That The Lord has not sent the reaper to steal the time you thought you had away

Before he shows up and yours and all those who loved you are failed because

When the day came, it was the day you were low on faith, because you lost sight from your soul and got trapped in your mind

Faith Is The Thing In Life You Better Find By: Carl The Muse

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The Voice Of God By: Carl The Muse

Time and time again I knew

I knew what to do

I just refused to

I turned left

When I heard right

I sat down

When I was told to rise

I heard what I wanted to hear

But something was wrong with my spirit

Not my ears

I cluttered the clear thoughts

I saw something there

That was not

I sped up

When I should have stopped

I ended up in an accident

That I had the intuition

To prevent

I ignored the voice of love

The voice of God

And through it all still

I was saved

I am still alive

To see another day

To give it one more try

And to never again Ignore

The Voice Of God By: Carl The Muse

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Faith Always Saves The Day By: Carl The Muse

I look back

The deck looked stack

Before I knew it

I was under attack

Flanked to my left

Flanked to my right

It was a total eclipse of the sun

Suddenly it was night

I was between a rock and a hard place

A rocket with no fuel in the middle of space

But no matter the turmoil around me

God seemed to slow down my pace

I had to see it before my eyes

How in an instant it can change

It’s called life

It’s an unpredictable way

One I try to master every day

But just because I have a light

Does not mean I don’t get lost along the way

The obstacles often remain

But through the trials it is I who change

I finally stop doing that thing

That makes me look insane

I don’t panic in the dark

In hopelessness I was saved

And I never again let that fact slip my brain

So in the rain, the cold and any trial that is to come I know

There is one thing

I can depend on for sure

Faith Always Saves The Day By: Carl The Muse

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From My Eyes Flows Life By: Carl The Muse

I let my tears fall down like rain the pitter patter upon my soul is like the drops hitting a tin rooftop, lawless they swarm, I need a cop, I need the Feds, call in the army, they wouldn’t stop, but they look like something they are not, this isn’t the first time and the last time I have not forgotten when I found the sweetest fruit at the core of a moment that seemed to be nothing but rotten, I let them take place, I am the canvas the tears are the paint, upon my skin I am stained they are the archive of what came and a reminder that things change but no matter the circumstance it must always remain through faith the storm is tamed. So I let the tears roll, they are just a temporary thing, a flashing light and constant reminder, through love, I have life. The tears are soul in liquid form being shown, water is life, without the ability to cry the soul dies.

From My Eyes Flows Life By: Carl The Muse

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The Only Unshakable Part By: Carl The Muse

My faith is all I had, when the things I thought would didn’t last, my faith is the one thing that has not been
hurt in the past, my faith is my present my faith is my future my faith is the only feature I have that I need to get used to, my faith is the one part that never had to be renewed, I can’t lie there were times I refused and it was hardly used but I am no fool, I know that faith is all I have and need to press on when it starts to bleed only faith can stop the bleeding and nothing will happen unless I truly believe, not all things are so clear to see, but I know without a shadow of a doubt that all the good in me, is more than me, I am just a fruit bearing tree, here to feed the hungry to provide shelter in the rain and to plant seeds, through a life of sacrifice and faith, I am freed.

The Only Unshakable Part By: Carl The Muse

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When You Believe By: Carl The Muse

I feel it within

Feel the tingle on my skin

It’s undeniable still I try

I purposely dive

And still I fly

Uplifted upon a wind

I try to fall

But there is no falling

I try to drown it out

But it’s deafening and it’s calling

It’s a constant and there seems to be no running

It seems it’s inevitable

I’m going to have to do something

I have a vision to fulfill

As real as my momma was

It’s that real

It must be fulfilled

I have no choice

It seems I have a preprogrammed course

And even when I don’t know it

The path has already been set

It’s just where I am going

I can never forget

Like the water follows the wind

I am flowing

Carried by faith

And knowing

When I get there

It wasn’t me

I was just blessed and loved enough

To know where to go

When it’s time to follow

The soul

To my destiny

To my dream

Things in the rear view mirror

Are often closer than they seem

When you believe

When You Believe By: Carl The Muse

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