Nothing Can Be Done Without Faith By: Carl The Muse

It takes a leap

A whole big heap

It’s the only thing you can call

When everything else says defeat

Its the only thing you got left to get you back on your feet

When you hit rock bottom

It’s becomes simple does the math

It’s the only thing that will help you right the ship

And get you back on your path

They say trouble don’t last

But in those short times

You better find it fast

There is no way around it

This is the trait

No living soul can bypass

You better learn it now

Before it’s too late

And lives gives you too much to handle

And you end up on your face

It’s the only way you will know

It will all be ok

There is no survival or growth


Nothing Can Be Done Without Faith By: Carl The Muse

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It’s hard to fight what you can’t deny: By Carl The Muse

Call me

Call me out loud

Call me silently surrounded by a crowd

The waves you send

The chills they are profound

I can hear you so clearly

If you are far I’m fooled

You feel so near

Like you are inside of me

Or you are just within a shout of my ear

Either way

I can feel

Like I am getting closer to you

With every tear I feel myself loosing the fear

Every struggle has brought me nearer

To the moment

The place the time

To where I can truly find my way out of darkness

And embrace the sunshine

It felt like it would never happen

Now it feels like it’s right on time

If I had to wait a hundred years

As long as I get to experience it

I don’t mind

Just tell me where it starts

But I must be honest

This time

I may just cut the line

It’s hard to fight what you can’t deny: By Carl The Muse

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When Paths Cross By: Carl The Muse

There was a spider that found it’s way inside today and it ended up hanging right in front of my face. I knocked the web down the spider hit the ground and it was from there the message was profound.

At first I was going to crush it but today I felt, I thought, I saw life and rather than kill it, I found it not deadly not aggressive, it was simply a baby spider lost, obviously to find itself in my bathroom where it’s bug free as opposed to outside the abundant wildlife and insects just on the other side of the glass.

I decided for life, I decided to take a few moments of my time to try to save life, because I had the power to do so, in losing my mother my brother and so many others I felt powerless over life, I got to know I have very little control but with that said I do have some and with that knowledge I fight for life, big or small, I can see the significance of because I know love and love is life and a love for life yours and those that cross yours.

The one who God gave the power to in this instance was me, I could have killed it and never had another thought but then who and what does that make me? I’ll let God decide but I took my time and got the baby spider on with his life.

Hopefully we are both better having met.

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Day And Night, It’s Life By: Carl The Muse

Many mornings of my life I could barely open my eyes, I felt barely alive, I felt dry, inside I had no drive, a total vacuum of my pride.

That was then

Before the sunrise, now it’s warm, I’m embraced by the sun, I had no legs just moments ago it seems and now I am ready to run, it was a sudden shift, it came like the road runner, I’m saying swift.

Like night and day, it’s always inching closer to the change but no matter the weather outside, in you the faith must remain, it’s the only way to maintain, so live your life and love with all your might, Get out of your brain and faster than you can blink your eyes, Nothing will ever be the same. Like day and night suddenly it will all change.

Day And Night, It’s Life By: Carl The Muse

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A Rumbling In The Tummy By: Carl The Muse

A Rumbling In The Tummy By: Carl The Muse

Suddenly I could only see red

You would have thought an artery popped inside my head

There was no denying

And I was tired of fighting

If there was something wrong

I was now determined to right it

I had been hiding

Lying from the hard truths

When inside

I know what to do

It was a heavy rumbling

Things were crumbling

I tried to refute it

Tried inside to refuse

What I knew

And it went on too long

Like a bad song

But as the weight barred down upon me

I became as strong

And as I was denied food

I became as hungry

Now I am determined to eat

Dancing to the drum of loves beat

Following my soul and seeing where it leads

After all this

How could I fear defeat

Love has it’s arms wrapped tightly around me

And with that knowledge

I know it’s time for me to provide and take part in a feast

Im not the only one out here starving


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Unfolding and Molding By: Carl The Muse



Been running for years

Not even close to tired

My legs just hit a stride

I was running uphill before

Now upon a wind

I’m flying

I was crashing and burning

Now like a Phoenix

I am rising

Burning up the stagnant

For new growth I am suddenly a magnet

A sudden inferno

Deep in my soul

At the moment it seemed to be it’s coldest

Is the moment the fire burned it’s boldest

It’s a part of the process

Part of a bigger lesson

You must enter the fire

To prepare for the molding

To prepare for the blessings

You may not see it now

The winds are always moving about

A great story is being written

The keys to life

Unfolding before your eyes

Wipe them so you can see clearly

As you soar

And please

The rest of the way

Let your faith

And enjoy the new ride

Upon the truest form a fire

The desire for life

Unfolding and Molding By: Carl The Muse


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Easier When You Believe By: Carl The Muse

More than I could ever see

More and more came

Because I always believed

Even when totally blinded

In total darkness I could see

And not barely

Very clearly

It’s never been me

It’s divinity

If not

The water, the wind

The trees

It all seems to be working

And upon it all

I am the wings

Soaring upon a jet stream

Some greater power

Is undeniably

Moving mountains for me

All because I believe

Is faith truly that easy?

I guess yes

Because in the case of those with faith

Things in the rear view mirror

Are often much closer than they seem

Easier When You Believe By: Carl The Muse


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